Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program Open for Business

first_imgBusinesses around the province will once again have an opportunity to increase productivity and innovation by working with educational institutions in the province. The Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism is launching the fourth year of the Productivity and Innovation Voucher program. “The voucher program continues to be a successful program that receives a lot of interest from small- and medium-sized businesses around the province,” said John MacDonell, acting Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism. “This program is an example of how jobsHere, the plan to grow our economy, is helping businesses become more competitive.” The voucher program provides up to $15,000 for businesses to obtain assistance from Nova Scotia universities and colleges with services and advice on areas including applied research, engineering services, prototyping and field testing. “This program enabled us to undertake a project we’d been wanting to do for a couple of years — create an online writing centre for business and technology professionals,” said Dawn Henwood, president of Watchword Learning Inc., a company that designs, develops, and delivers writing training for technology professionals, business people, government employees, and entrepreneurs. “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with expert instructional designers at Acadia University. These advancements will allow us to eventually generate revenue without spending time in the classroom.” A core objective of the program is to help build and strengthen linkages between small business and universities and colleges. “This is a wonderful, straight-forward program that effectively serves the needs of businesses.” said Ron Robichaud, executive director, Acadia Centre for Social and Business Entrepreneurship. “By participating in this program, businesses have access to expertise from many different fields allowing them to grow and advance.” Businesses applying for program vouchers can get more information at . The deadline for applications is Oct. 3. Funding for the Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program was allocated in the 2011-12 provincial budget.last_img read more

Move Mining – Yours Mined Ours

first_imgIt was very interesting and great fun for me (John Chadwick) to be a judge of the Move Mining competition at the SME Annual Conference last week. We judges were tasked with considering the industry’s public image at this stage in the cycle, and five ideas to improve that image. Congratulations to SME for organising this innovative event during which the five finalist teams presented their ideas for getting the message of the importance of mining across to the public.Contact details are provided here for all five finalists so you can show your support. See also they did not win, the Wasatch Wonders (University of Utah and Utah Valley University) opened the presentations and set the scene very well with a video of students being asked to name things that are mined – those students struggled and pretty much failed! The excellent Wasatch Wonders ideas – We dig it, you live it! – begin with social media, “we want to reach out to millennials and then long term, invest in an educational outreach plan to facilitate a continuing influence in how society views mining.” I stole the head for this post from them as well – “Yours Mined Ours.” [email protected] equally excellent winners of the $5,000 investment in their idea, was Team Attwood. The concept includes “developing a refined version of the Minecraft game that includes a bit more of the realities of mining such as exploration, more realistic geology, milling and refining, energy sourcing and environmental stewardship.“Elementary and middle school aged children should be taught about the realities and benefits of mining in a fun and engaging way.”Leveraging Minecraft they aim “to increase young students understanding of the necessity and benefits of mining. This same approach could be used to engage older students as well.”The statistics of Minecraft, which has won various awards and accolades, are staggering. As of June 2016, reported Team Attwood, “over 106 million copies had been sold across all platforms, with more than 40 million unique players each month, making it the best‐selling PC game to date and the second best‐selling video game of all time. At any given moment nearly 1 million people around the world are playing Minecraft.” In 2014, Microsoft bought the Minecraft intellectual property for US$2.5 billion.The Minecraft convention Minecon regularly breaks attendance records for attendees at a computer game meeting. According to Wikipedia Minecon 2016 was be held in Anaheim, California, at the Anaheim Convention Centre in September 2016. “Tickets to the event were $160 per person, and toddlers aged three and under were admitted free. The Minecraft team received another award, as they sold 12,000 tickets, which sold out within seconds of going on sale.” [email protected] University proposes uses a variation of the nutritional labels found on food products ompleted with information regarding the mining specific ingredients of a consumer item – such as an iphone. “With the relatable form and easy to read concept it is our hope to capture people’s attention and communicate the necessity of mining in an impactful way.” [email protected] of Smiles is well advanced in starting to publish The Mineral Maniacs – a children’s fantasy book series on mining. “We can all remember stories that shaped our outlook on life. In particular, stories we’re told or read as children have a profound impact on how we come to understand our world later in life.” [email protected] Tech of The University of Montana proposes producing a series of videos showing exactly how much mining goes into the production of two of the most common consumer electronic devices – cell phones and laptop computers. They will list the masses of various mined elements that are found in the device and then use data including stripping ratios and cut-off grades to calculate the amount of earth that needed to be moved to produce those elements. [email protected]last_img read more