Moroccan Satirical Video Mocks Issa Hayatou

Taroudant – An animated video, posted on YouTube on February 16, depicts Issa Hayatou, the President of the African Football Federation (CAF), dancing and singing in a funny manner.Following the CAF’s decision to sanction Morocco, Anouar Issami, a young Moroccan podcaster, expressed his anger by making a satirical animated video of Issa Hayatou.The video shows the caricature of Issa Hayatou in a talent show called Morocco’s Got Talent, dancing and singing a song called “Hak Li Nifi”, or “scratch my nose”. The cartoon of Issa Hayatou in the video has been called “racist” for showing him in a “primitive African look,” wearing only a loincloth and eating a banana.After his performance, three-member panel rejected Hayatou. One of the panelists said “I am talking about this black, who deprived us from playing four years and has stolen 10 billion.”The video ends by the intervention of Mohamed Ouzzine, the former Minister of Sports and Youth, with axes in hand, attacking Hayatou. read more