Moffat 12th Doctors Regeneration Impulsive Reckless

first_imgIt’s easy to forget that this rip-roaring season of Doctor Who is in fact star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat’s last.Already a third of the way through series 10, we’re inching ever-closer to the Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration, which, based on rumors and sneak peeks, is not going to be a smooth transition.“It’s only the last couple of regenerations that have been, as it were, fairly straightforward ones,” Capaldi told The New York Times last month, following an official tease of what appears to be an early bout of rejuvenating power coming from the Time Lord’s hand.“I can’t go into the details of a lot of it, because I know what happens, but I don’t know how it happens,” the 58-year-old actor added.Details of the Doctor’s final hours are as closely guarded as who or whatever is inside that mysterious vault. But Moffat over the weekend dropped a few hints about what viewers can expect from Capaldi’s exit.One thing is for sure: It won’t be like previous incarnation Matt Smith’s transformation.Eleventh Doctor regenerates (via BBC)“With Matt I had a sort of idea that his entire run should be in the pre-math of a battle he’s having at the end of his life,” Moffat told during the weekend’s BFI and Radio Times Television Festival. “But with Peter I wasn’t quite sure. I wasn’t sure for a long time whether I’d be writing him out or whether he’d be carrying on” with incoming boss Chris Chibnall.“That fits his Doctor, though,” Moffat continued. “His Doctor feels sort of impulsive and in the moment and would do something reckless that you wouldn’t expect.“And I mean, you can overstate the difficulty of planning a finale for a Doctor. In the end, any Doctor Who story has such catastrophe going on in it, that he could be the one that gets the rock on his head,” he said.“But I think I’m really happy with what we’re doing for his finale.”According to tradition, the 2017 Christmas special will see the regeneration of the character into its 14th embodiment.“I’m just working on it now,” Moffat said of the annual holiday tradition, which marks the end of his nearly decade-long tenure as Doctor Who boss.Surely, then, scripting this conclusion must be an emotional experience.“I know this sounds terrible, but … it’s not like that,” Moffat admitted, adding that he’s “mostly worried about the script and worried about how I’m gonna make the story work.”“You don’t have time to be reflective and stare out the window and say, ‘Aah, days gone by.’ It just doesn’t—it’s too much work,” he told “Maybe afterwards, maybe when it’s all done I’ll sit and stare out the window. Though on past evidence of leaving things behind I haven’t. I don’t tend to really.“That sounds callous. What I mean is, while this is an ending for me and Doctor Who, it feels like quite a happy ending. So that’s nice. It’s good to finish something.”Watch the new season of Doctor Who Saturdays on BBC America, and check out our weekly recaps.last_img read more