The Bloom A Laptop You Can Break Down And Recycle

first_imgRecycling electronics is a pain. Because they are made up of so many different components, separating what is recyclable from what isn’t can be very difficult and time consuming. But a group of students and researchers from Stanford University and Aalto University in Finland have come up with a solution: the Bloom.This laptop can be easily broken down in around 30 seconds, making the recycling process much simpler. Once detached, the LCD, motherboard, and battery can then be placed in a prepaid envelope located behind the screen so they can be shipped off to a special recycling facility. The rest of the laptop, meanwhile, can simply be sent out with your normal household recycling.AdChoices广告“In every electronic device there are several ‘bad apples’ like LCDs, batteries, processors, and other components that require special recycling facilities to deal with them,” Stanford student Aaron Engel-Hall explained. “Our team wanted to make it easy for the consumer to separate out the ‘bad apples’ and recycle the rest of the laptop in their own recycling bins.”Via GOODlast_img read more