Daily Gift Dots Gloves

first_imgIt’s getting pretty darn cold outside, but donning gloves renders using your touch screen devises impossible. Well, here’s the solution and a also a great holiday gift idea:Dots Gloves. They keep you warm and connected by eliminating the need to remove your gloves to answer a simple phone call, text or email.  Dots Gloves, dubbed The iPhone Glove, allow you touch, tap, pinch and scroll on your touch screen device. These spiffy gloves are made of 100% Merino lambswool from the United Kingdom and come in black, marsh, coal, brick, and grey. Several exclusive designs can also be found at Open Ceremony locations in NYC.There are similar brands of touch screen compatible gloves, such as Agloves, but they only come in charcoal grey (boring) and they’re slightly more expensive. You can snag a pair of Dots Gloves for a friend or family member for $15.50 (black, grey and coal) or $20 (brick and marsh). P.S. make sure you check out the sizing chart to ensure a precision tailored fit.last_img read more