Google confirms Pixel 4 is real but many details remain unknown and rumours still continue to swirl

first_imgIf you can’t beat the people who leak details of unreleased phones, may be join them: this seems to be the idea behind a tweet made by Google’s phone team on June 12. In a tweet, Made By Google not only confirmed the existence of Google Pixel 4 around 4 months ahead of its expected launch but also gave a glimpse of its design.The stream of rumours and leaks about Google’s upcoming flagship device – the Google Pixel 4 – has kept everyone buzzing with excitement for past couple of weeks. Some reports claimed that the Pixel 4 would come with a punch hole camera display, while others claimed that Google would hold on to the notch. Yet there are some reports that indicate that the phone will come with an all-screen display, sparking rumours of a pop-up camera.Google probably got tired of the leaks and rumours. So it decided to enter the fray with its own “leak”. It shared an official render of the phone on its Twitter page.”Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do. #Pixel4,” Google wrote.The official renders of the Pixel 4 have spilled a lot of beans about the Pixel 3 successor. For starters, rumours about Google ditching the rear mounted fingerprint sensor seem to be right. The absence of a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone near the camera kind of confirms it.Then there is the case of the camera bump. First OnLeaks and then Evan Blass shared image renders of the Pixel 4 indicating that the Pixel 4 would come with a squarish camera bump that would house a dual rear camera setup. Images shared by Google shows the same. Incidentally, this is similar to the leaked design of the iPhone 11 that is doing rounds on the web, although Apple — unlike Google — has stayed mum so far and hasn’t confirmed or denied anything.advertisementThe Pixel 4 image shared by Google also scratched the button-less design theory as the image clearly shows two buttons on the right side of the phone.And in case you were hoping for the Pixel 4 to get a rainbow coloured Google logo, that is out of question, at least this year, which means that Google is sticking to the monochromatic display in its Pixel 4 series of smartphones.After reading all of that, it wouldn’t be unfair if I say that Pixel 4’s images – however discreet they might be – have given us a lot of details. However, there is lot that we still don’t know about the phone, giving us plenty of food to munch on till Google officially unveils the phone.Here’s what we don’t know about the Google Pixel 4 yet:– Let’s start with the camera. Google’s image shows a dual rear camera setup. But we still don’t know what lens combination Google would use. We also don’t know the camera configuration yet. Wait, there’s more. Some reports have indicated that the Google Pixel 4 XL will come with a triple rear camera setup, in which case the rear camera setup of the Pixel 4 sibling — that is the Google Pixel 4 XL — is yet another mystery to be solved.– Next is the display. Google carefully shared the image of the back of its Pixel 4 smartphone. This leaves a number of questions unanswered. Rumours as of now are in overdrive as far as the display is concerned. Some indicate that Pixel 4 will sport a punch hole camera display, others indicate that Google with retain the notch. Then there are reports that hint towards an all-screen display and others – by Unbox Therapy — that hint towards the Pixel 4 sporting large bezels at the front with five different imaging units. So which one of them is it? We don’t know yet.– Since the display was a no-show in the image that Google shared, we have little idea as to where the company would place its front camera or what configuration would it carry. Images shared by Slashleaks and Skinomi in past have hinted towards a display with a dual punch hole camera. However, UnBox Therapy hints towards five imaging units in the front while Blass’s image render hints towards a pop-up camera.– Just yesterday, a report by 9To5Google hinted that Google may include its Soli radar chip in the Pixel 4. This in turn would allow users to use simple hand gestures, like rubbing your finger and your thumb, to control various functions like playback volume. This was later confirmed by XDA Developers which would gesture based coding buried deep into Android Q. Despite the coding, it remains uncertain if Google will include the Soli chip in Pixel 4 and what all gestures will the phone support.advertisement– Last but not the least, details about the phone’s RAM capacity remain scarce at the moment. Pixel 4 is touted to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and sport up to 6GB RAM. But in the absence of an officially word there is no way to know anything for sure.So now you know there is plenty about the Google Pixel 4 that we still don’t know. May be in the coming weeks Google will share more details. Or else there will be inevitable leaks.ALSO READ: | Google confirms Pixel 4 with dual rear camerasALSO READ: | Google Pixel 4 to get support for hand gestures using Soli radar chipALSO READ: | New Google Pixel 4 renders appear online, may have five front imaging unitslast_img read more