Service Forester’s Handbook App

first_imgProfessional foresters have long relied on the 135-page Service Forester’s Handbook for on-the-go access to the formulas, facts and figures they need. The pocket-sized weather-resistant field-guide helps foresters convert figures, calculate volumes and dozens of other key calculations. This spring UGA Extension and Southern Regional Forestry Extension have released the first electronic and interactive version of the field guide. “This handbook was originally developed by the U.S. Forest Service many years ago, and it was last updated in 1986,” said William Hubbard, Southern Regional Extension Forester with the Association of Southern Region Extension Directors (ASRED). “It is still in use, but it needed a review of current materials and a number of new and updated formulas … Everybody I’ve talked to in the forestry community has said this was a long time coming.” Driven by the need to revamp a staple publication in modern forestry, Hubbard worked with UGA Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Information Technology to update and develop an interactive app for iPads and iPhones to compliment the paper guidebooks. In addition to the facts and figures that appear in the original paper guidebook, the app — developed by UGA CAES application programmer Benaiah S. M. Pitts — contains calculators to help foresters determine soil texture, site index, basal area of trees, tree stand density and other figures. “Some of the information in the handbook is given in charts, so foresters in the field can only give their clients estimates or ranges.” Pitts said. “Having calculators in the app will allow them to get exact numbers.” These calculators are available without access to the Internet, which was an important feature for foresters who often work in areas without reliable mobile service, Hubbard said. The handbook, which will be useful for foresters across the southern U.S., is available as a free download through the Apple iTunes store for both iPad and iPhones by searching for “forestry kit” or “Service Forester’s Handbook.” A version for Android phones and tablets should be ready for download later this year. Collaboration between UGA Extension and Southern Regional Extension Forestry earlier this year resulted in the creation of a consumer oriented mobile field guide, Native Plants of North Georgia. Based on a popular UGA Extension publication, the app — also produced by the UGA CAES information technology team — was the first to be created in house by UGA Extension. Both projects were funded by CAES and the U.S. Forest Service. Founded in 1979, Southern Regional Extension Forestry is a collaboration between the U.S. Forest Service and southern land-grant universities. Extension foresters provide educational services to landowners and forest industry professionals in the southern U. S. For more information about the Southern Regional Extension Forestry office, visit UGA Extension was founded in 1914 through the Smith-Lever Act, a federal law that established and funded a state-by-state national network of educators who bring university-based research and practical knowledge to the public. Today, Extension in Georgia is a cooperative effort by federal, state and local government partners administered by the University of Georgia and Ft. Valley State University. Throughout 2014, UGA Extension celebrates the centennial of the national Cooperative Extension System. For more information, visit read more

Vinart Grand Tasting has become the most important wine event in Lijepa naša

first_imgThis is exactly what Saša Špiranc, the author of the concept and the organizer of the event, Vinart Grand Tasting (VGT), managed to do. This year, in its third edition, he delighted with the organization and performance. “We envisioned Vinart Grand Tasting as a place where all wine professionals and lovers of fine wines gather once a year. Where one will choose wines for their restaurants and shops, and the other will fill the home archive with those that particularly impressed them”, Pointed out Špiranec. And when foreign sommeliers buy 25 bottles of wine for their market at one such event, then it is certainly the most important wine event in Lijepa naša. And that’s exactly what happened for the weekend in Lauba as part of Vinart Grand Tasting. Croatian wines delighted the Japanese sommelier, who sends home 25 Croatian bottles of wine. At a similar fair in France, where our companies exhibited in the organization of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, our wines were met by the Japanese Takahiro Ichihara. He is a sommelier who travels the world and is looking for interesting wines for Japanese distributor Azuma Corporation. RELATED NEWS: SAŠA ŠPIRANEC: WINERS MUST BE ORGANIZED IN FOUR GREAT ASSOCIATIONS: SLAVONIA, DALMATIA, ISTRIA AND KVARNER, AND HILLY CROATIA This year, 100 best Croatian winemakers and another 20 from abroad exhibited at VGT, ie a total of 120 winemakers. “We select winemakers by quality, this is an invitational festival, so we send people invitations with the desire to gather the highest possible quality in one place. We are focused primarily on the profession, sommelier, distributors and the media, which we strive to introduce to the best of what Croatian winemakers offer.”, Added Špiranec and added that this year they also have a Pop-Up Wine Shop where visitors can immediately buy wines that they like at the tasting. It is a unique wine event, based on quality, with multiple goals of promoting winemakers and the world of wine, but also encouraging the development of wine culture in Croatia, and primarily intended primarily for professionals, caterers and sommelier. It is also a place where visitors can get and get the most out of the Croatian wine market in one place. Croatian wines delighted Japanese sommelier, bought 25 thousand bottles of wine for the Japanese market As before, Vinart Grand Tasting is just the main finale of this great wine story, which was preceded by a series of events and attractive workshops with current topics from the wine world. The title of the most important wine event in Lijepa i our Croatia, as our famous designer Boris Ljubičić would say, is not easy to earn, and even harder to justify and confirm for two years in a row. He fell in love with Croatian wines at the first tasting, and now, thanks to him, over 25.000 bottles of our wines are going to Japan, which is how they came to the wine lists of the ten most popular restaurants in Tokyo. “At first I was won over by Dingač, and now I am getting to know more and more wines from other parts of Croatia. Your wines are fantastic, quality and very diverse. It’s amazing that such a small country offers so much, and Japanese buyers know how to appreciate itSaid Ichihara. Dražen Dennis Šunjić, who lives in London and has been dealing with wines for 20 years, was also at VGT. “I work for one of the largest distribution companies in the UK that imports wines from all over the world. Croatia and such fairs are increasingly popular among foreign experts because they are tired of classics. They want to discover and try new things, and as Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Britain, our wines are certainly part of that story. Our indigenous varieties are exotic to them and are very interesting to buyers and sommelier in the UK, so more and more of them come here to see what we offer”Said Sunjic, adding that wine culture in our hotels and restaurants is slowly but surely improving.last_img read more