Fuerzas Comando Tests Marksmanship, Speed, Strength and Control

first_img Of the 21 teams competing in the Military Olympiad at Tolemaida Military Fort in Colombia, 10 displayed their abilities in events of varying distances. Time and controlling their heartbeat turned out to be the biggest obstacles to beat by the 60 members who took part in stress test and marksmanship competitions on June 12. “More than running, climbing stairs or enduring the weather, it is hardest to set your aim when your pulse is fast for having carried an additional load than what we’re used to; taking aim in that condition is really complicated”, commented Seargent Tambo, a sniper participating in the Colombian team. The stress test faced by the 20 participating marksmen forced them to carry an object of more than 70 kilograms in weight for a distance of 500 meters, and then shoot at targets 800 meters away, making them run in the least time and shoot with the best aim possible. “It’s hard to control your breath after carrying so much weight and hurrying durin gthe race, but our training in the Colombian Army allowed us to handle this responsibility and face such good competitors”, said Seargent Jáuregui, another marksman in the Colombian team. The remaining four members of the teams faced a 200-meter course with a 50-lb weight to then shoot at pop-up targets located between 30 and 300 meters, with 44 shells. By Dialogo June 13, 2012last_img read more