Curious George Learns Helpfulness; Newspapers Go Bananas

first_imgItem: Three evolutionists at the Max Planck Institute did experiments with chimps to see if they collaborated on problem-solving.  Writing in Science,1 they said:We presented chimpanzees with collaboration problems in which they had to decide when to recruit a partner and which potential partner to recruit.  In an initial study, individuals recruited a collaborator only when solving the problem required collaboration.  In a second study, individuals recruited the more effective of two partners on the basis of their experience with each of them on a previous day.  Therefore, recognizing when collaboration is necessary and determining who is the best collaborative partner are skills shared by both chimpanzees and humans, so such skills may have been present in their common ancestor before humans evolved their own complex forms of collaboration. (Emphasis added in all quotes.)Item: Two other Max Planck researchers2 found an apparent link in infant behavior and monkey behavior:Human beings routinely help others to achieve their goals, even when the helper receives no immediate benefit and the person helped is a stranger.  Such altruistic behaviors (toward non-kin) are extremely rare evolutionarily, with some theorists even proposing that they are uniquely human.  Here we show that human children as young as 18 months of age (prelinguistic or just-linguistic) quite readily help others to achieve their goals in a variety of different situations.  This requires both an understanding of others’ goals and an altruistic motivation to help.  In addition, we demonstrate similar though less robust skills and motivations in three young chimpanzees.That was all the news media needed.  The hint that monkeys can help each other made science reporters go ape.  Clearly, more evidence had been found that humans evolved from a furry altruistic ancestor, millions of years ago.  National Geographic touted, “Chimps Can Be Team Players, Selfless Helpers, Studies Show.”  BBC News said, “Altruism ‘built-in’ in humans,” and continued, “Altruism may have evolved six million years ago in the common ancestor of chimps and humans, the study suggests.”  New Scientist claimed, “Chimpanzees show hints of higher human traits” and offered, “The discovery suggests that some of the underpinnings of human sociality may have been present millions of years ago.”  In the same issue of Science,3 Joan Silk (UCLA) waxed melodramatic:Do you hold the door for shoppers laden with packages?  If you received two copies of the latest issue of Science in the mail, would you give the extra one to a colleague or throw it in the recycling bin?  Do you make donations to charity, serve on departmental committees, recycle bottles, or donate blood?  If you are like most people, you help in these sorts of situations and are motivated by empathy and concern for the welfare of others.  Two reports by Melis et al. on page 1297 and Warneken and Tomasello on page 1301 of this week’s issue contribute to understanding how we came to be such caring and cooperative creatures.Silk did admit lower down in her review that previous studies produced negative results, but nevertheless left it as an option that this is a step in the right direction.  Hope springs eternal: “These studies will no doubt fuel debate about which best captures the essence of chimpanzee cooperation,” she concluded.  We can hope that the creative approach of the Leipzig research teams will inspire new experiments to address the arguments.”1Alicia P. Melis, Brian Hare, Michael Tomasello, “Chimpanzees Recruit the Best Collaborators,” Science, 3 March 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5765, pp. 1297 – 1300, DOI: 10.1126/science.1123007.2Felix Warneken and Michael Tomasello, “Altruistic Helping in Human Infants and Young Chimpanzees,” Science, 3 March 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5765, pp. 1301 – 1303, DOI: 10.1126/science.1121448.3Joan B. Silk, “Who Are More Helpful, Humans or Chimpanzees?,” Science, 3 March 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5765, pp. 1248 – 1249, DOI: 10.1126/science.1125141.*Sigh.*  Has it come to this?  What fluff passes for science these days.  There is nothing about evolution here.  There is nothing about millions of years here.  A million here, a few million there, pretty soon, you’re talking about real monkey (business).  Wupi.  Some chimps under lab conditions exhibit a little bit of intelligence enough to assist one another under certain circumstances.  No one would ever think that that was behavior designed into their little brains, now, would they?  Obviously, human evolution is proved and the puzzle of human altruism is solved.  Now we know why people give blood and help disaster victims they have never seen.  Mother Teresa was in a long succession of particles that learned unselfishness.    It seems to escape the attention of these researchers that many other studies have shown contradictory results (01/21/2006, 10/28/2005).  Even if these new studies could be shown to be superior somehow, they prove nothing about evolution.  It could be argued that ants or bees are more caring, because they will lay down their lives for the hive.    So please show some altruism and help us out.  Your assignment is to determine which statement in these stories deserves to win Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week.  This is harder than it looks.  Decisions, decisions.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Scoot Airline Review

first_imgFinally there is a budget carrier that has got the low cost recipe right.Singapore Airlines low cost carrier Scoot only commenced services in June 2012 making it one of the newest carriers in the Australasian market.  The success of this airline starts with the aircraft, reconfigured ex Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200s. To put it simply they fly only wide body or twin aisle aircraft rather than the narrow body or single aisle aircraft that most other low cost carrier use and passengers dislike. You won’t find 180 passengers queuing down the aisle of the aircraft for just three toilets on Scoot – oh no here you have 9 toilets for around 360 Economy passengers and there’s even space around the toilets to stand up and stretch your legs.  In addition to this there are multiple choices for seating and meals so you can choose how you want to fly and how much you want to spend.SeatsIn Economy Class, passengers have the choice of a standard economy seat, Super Seat or Stretch Seat.  In addition to this the airline also has a small child free cabin referred to as “ScootinSilence” which is something I am a huge fan of and personally think all airlines should offer. The standard Economy seats (clad in blue fabric) offer a comfortable 31 inch seat pitch (the distance between the back of one seat to the back of the next) and generous 6 inch recline. This is the same as most full service airlines these days. The cost to select your seat is $10 return.  For those that want extra legroom the Super Seats (clad in yellow fabric) have a 33-35 inch seat pitch. Generally the Super Seats at the back of the aircraft have the smaller seat pitch but here there are less seats per row as the fuselage narrows giving you more personal space. The cost of this on a return ticket is $66.The next seat type is the  Stretch (S-t-r-e-t-c-h-)  seats (yellow) which also have a 35 inch seat pitch but are in the first row of each section of the cabin as well as in the emergency exit rows meaning no one can recline into your space. These seats cost an extra $152 return.  As mentioned above Scoot also have the “ScootinSilence” cabin which has Super and Stretch seating only. This cabin is small and private with a real feeling of space and comfort.  All economy seats regardless of type are covered in soft fabric, generous 6 inch seat recline and are adequately padded for comfort.I was lucky enough to fly in a stretch seat in the “ScootinSilence” cabin and it was worth the extra cost.  I spoke to a few passengers on the aircraft and all agreed that paying extra for the super or stretch seating was good value especially since the final price is still significantly cheaper than the alternative full service carrier. During the flight I also sat in the super and standard economy seats and they are the most comfortable seats I have encountered on a budget carrier. The airline has comfort kits referred to as “SnoozeKit” which are available on board or you can pre purchase online for SGD25. The SnoozeKit  includes an eye mask, ear plugs, blanket, socks and neck pillow.MealsAs with any low cost carrier it pays to pre order and pay for your meal at the time of booking. This ensures you get your choice, are served first and you save a couple of dollars.  I ordered a standard combo hot meal $14 which comes with a packet of Pringles and a choice of cold drink being a can of coke or green tea. This needs to be changed as passengers should be able to have the choice of water over soft drink.  The meals are small (size of a ladies hand – order two if you get hungry) and the meal satisfaction with regards to taste really depends on what you order and your personal preference; I had one great meal and one that I really didn’t enjoy.  If you are someone who values your food I highly recommend paying  $19 for a premium meal or upgrade to one for as little as $4.50 on FlyBagEat fares.  The premium meals are as the name suggests – premium- and you get a larger meal but remember this is a “no frills” carrier and in flight meals are never going to be a strong point.In flight EntertainmentAgain it is best to pre book your in flight entertainment whether in the form of hiring an Ipad loaded with movies or pre purchasing WiFi so you can stream movies to your own device from the onboard library.  For those that choose the streaming option and have pre paid, the cabin crew come around early in the flight with your WiFi password.  Make sure you have downloaded the Gogo video player App before boarding and have your boarding pass ready to confirm who you are!  Instructions are in one of the booklets in your seat back pocket and it really is easy to use.  The choices are limited (5 movies, a few TV series plus two shows for kids) but it’s enough provided you aren’t picky with your movie choices. I expected there to be quite a bit of variety within the five movies but three of the five were science fiction. The cost to stream the movies is $13 if you pre purchase or SGD16 on board. If you pre book a rented tablet the cost will be $17 or if you hire on board SGD20. Staff, service and cleanlinessCall me old fashioned but I think cabin crew presentation is important – I don’t think the jeans and polo shirts that some airlines allow their cabin crew to wear are appropriate nor do they give off a good image. I was glad to see the crew nicely presented on both legs of the flight. The cabin crew were friendly, efficient and took safety seriously  – there were no bags left on the floor for take-off or landing or seatbelts undone during mid flight turbulence.  The toilets were clean enough and the cabin rubbish cleared at appropriate intervals throughout the flight.  After the meal service the lights were dimmed in the child free cabin and again in the rest of the cabin once all the passengers had been served.  At one stage I did press my call bell for the cabin crew but after waiting 20 minutes still no one came. I turned it off and pressed it again but nothing. This was frustrating but perhaps it was the logistics of being at the front of the cabin and staff coming from the back and seeing other call bells first or perhaps my call button was not registering.  Another important thing to mention is the company’s call centre.  My travelling companion had to use this and was amazed that the call was answered within 5 minutes, she got to speak to a real person and the problem was immediately solved. This is important and one of the things that so many airlines not just budget airlines do badly.Check in staff at both Perth and Singapore was extremely friendly and helpful.Overall OpinionOverall I was extremely impressed with the in flight product, incredible value for money and twin aisle aircraft.  A fellow passenger stated it was as good as Singapore Airlines but I had to disagree as its nothing like Singapore Airlines, it is however arguably the best budget carrier in Australasia and it is without a doubt amongst the top 10 best budget carriers in the world.  Scoot are competing on routes that many other low cost carriers serve but none offer the value for money and comfort that Scoot does. -See more passenger reviews-Tips For TravellersKeep your boarding pass on you as you need it to receive anything you have pre-booked such as meals and in flight entertainmentStick to the baggage allowance – a standard “FlyBag” ticket only includes 15kgs of checked baggage – if you need more then upgrade to 20+ kilos at the time of bookingThe Super and Stretch seats are popular and very good value for money  – don’t wait till a week before your flight to get one of these seats buy it at the time of booking otherwise you might miss outTake an empty water bottle and fill it up at the airport boarding lounges on boardChanges to meals must be done 72 hours before the flight and ancillary items such as in flight entertainment, baggage and snooze kits 42 hours priorThis airline has so many sales so “like” their facebook page or join their mailing list to be among the first to knowlast_img read more

South African golf in excellent health

first_img26 November 2012While world number one Rory McIlroy won the European Tour’s season-ending World Tour Championship in Dubai on Sunday, South African golfers finished third, fifth and sixth in the Tour’s biggest event.To put a cherry on top of the South African golfers’ achievements, the European Tour also announced on Sunday that South Africa, with six tournaments, will host more Tour events than any other country in the forthcoming season, including the Volvo Golf Champions.The first of those events, the new Nelson Mandela Championship presented by ISPS Honda tees off place at the Royal Durban Golf Club from 6 to 9 December and is the opening event of the 2012/13 season.DubaiBut back to Dubai. Johannesburg-born Justin Rose was second. Charl Schwartzel claimed third alongside Luke Donald, Louis Oosthuizen placed fifth and four-time winner on the Tour this season, Branden Grace, was sixth.If anyone had been unsure, those results signalled that the guard had been changed, with no Els or Goosen in the mix to challenge them, even though Els won The Open Championship earlier in the year.It was also a nice Christmas present for the top three South Africans, who between them pocketed €812 491 (R9.34-million) in the big money event.Most prolific winnersThe victory was McIlroy’s fifth of the year, tying him with Grace as the most prolific winner of 2012 on the major tours.The 24-year-old South African’s sensational rise has been one of the stories of the year. After beginning 2012 ranked 265th in the world, he has finished it in 34th place.He also became the first European Tour Qualifying School graduate to record four victories in a season the year after his graduation and joined an elite list of players to win four times in a single season: Seve Ballesteros, Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Miguel Angel Jiminez, Martin Kaymer, Bernhard Langer, Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods and Ian Woosnam.Highest ranked South AfricanOosthuizen, at number seven, the highest ranked South African player in the Official World Golf Ranking, showed increased maturity in 2012 and his consistency was improved.He won the Africa Open and the Malaysian Open, and finished runner-up in the US Masters after a playoff. He also finished second in the Deutsche Bank Championship and Singapore Open, third in the Shell Houston Open, and fourth in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.Schwartzel’s season was hampered by an injury, but a strong finish in Dubai will, along with his friend Louis Oosthuizen’s success, no doubt spur him on to greater things.Top 100Six South Africans finished the year in the top 100 in the world rankings: Oosthuizen, in seventh, is followed by The Open champion Ernie Els, in 20th. Schwartzel occupies 28th place, Grace 34th, George Coetzee 49th, and Tim Clark, who is returning from injury, 97th.Coetzee, who is yet to win on the European Tour, bears watching in the new season. His year included a runner-up finish in the South African Open, along with six other top-six finishes.Just outside the top 100, Retief Goosen is in 105th place. Thomas Aiken is ranked 110th and Rory Sabbatini 123rd.The successes of South African golfers, the continuing production line of quality players from the Sunshine Tour and the increased investment of the European Tour in South Africa underline the fact that the sport in the country is going from strength to strength and more great things can be expected from it.SA EUROPEAN TOUR EVENTS 2012/136-9 December 2012The Nelson Mandela Championship presented by ISPS Handa Royal Durban GC, Durban13-16 December 2012Alfred Dunhill Championship Leopard Creek CC, Malelane3-6 January 2013Volvo Golf Champions Durban Country Club, Durban7-10 FebruaryJoburg Open Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC, Johannesburg14-17 FebruaryAfrica Open East London GC, East London28 February-3 MarchTshwane Open Copperleaf Golf & Country Estate, CenturionWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Media freedom is key to global sustainability

first_img4 May 2015Freedom of expression and press freedom are critical to the successful implementation of good governance and human rights around the world, United Nations officials declared as they inaugurated the 2015 edition of World Press Freedom Day.UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Unesco Director-General Irina Bokova and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein observed in a joint message issued on Sunday that quality journalism “enables citizens to make informed decisions about their society’s development”, while also working “to expose injustice, corruption and the abuse of power”.“For peace to be lasting and development to be sustainable, human rights must be respected. Everyone must be free to seek, receive and impart knowledge and information on all media, online and offline,” the joint statement said.World Press Freedom Day, which was established by the UN General Assembly, is celebrated annually on 3 May.The day is designated by Unesco as an opportunity to:celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom;assess the state of press freedom throughout the world;defend the media from attacks on their independence; and pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty;This year’s theme – Let Journalism Thrive! – is a three-pronged message that advocates for quality journalism, the tackling of gender imbalances in media, and digital safety.As part of the commemoration, the Media Development & Diversity Agency (MDDA), in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) and Unesco, will be hosting host a seminar in Johannesburg on 5 May.Guided by the international theme for 2015, the seminar will bring together government departments and entities, media practitioners and students, academia and civil society organisations to commemorate the day with a focus on the state of media freedom in South Africa.Established by an Act of Parliament in 2002, the MDDA gives meaning and effect to the principles of press freedom through its commitment to a free and diverse media, with access to all.The MDDA promotes the development of a free media in South Africa by building an environment where a diverse, vibrant and creative media flourishes and reflects the needs of all South Africans.Specific objectives of the MDDA Act include encouraging ownership and control of and access to media by historically disadvantaged communities, as well as by the historically diminished indigenous language and cultural groups.The agency also seeks to raise public awareness with regard to media development and diversity and encourages research regarding these crucial issues.Source: SAnews.govlast_img read more

Thomas Piketty to deliver Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

first_img22 September 2015French economist Thomas Piketty has been called a rock star economist, but Britain’s The Guardian newspaper described him as actually being “boyish” and “shy”. Piketty garnered international acclaim after his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century became a best seller.Now he is heading to South Africa to deliver the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, to take place on 3 October at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto Campus.Piketty is a professor of economics at the Paris School of Economics, and has also penned articles in journals such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Journal of Political Economy, among others.In the Media: Articles on #NelsonMandela Annual Lecture speaker, Thomas Piketty— NelsonMandela(@NelsonMandela)September 21, 2015“In 2014, the Nelson Mandela Foundation identified inequality and poverty as critical issues affecting South Africa, the African continent and the rest of the world,” the foundation said. “This informed the theme for the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. We are in discussions with a cross-sectoral group of institutions to convene a national conversation on the issue and to start considering mitigating strategies.”Sello Hatang, the chief executive of the foundation, said Piketty was a natural choice to deliver the lecture. “He is currently the world’s most recognised academic who has produced seminal work on the political economy of poverty and inequality in the modern world.“We were keen to find a voice who could speak eloquently to a new global economic model and who is well equipped to engage fruitfully with the South African and African political economy today. Professor Piketty is ideal for this purpose,” said Hatang.Professor Njabulo Ndebele, the chairperson of the Board of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, said the organisation was fortunate to have Piketty deliver the lecture. “Professor Piketty’s deep research into global economic development since the birth of capitalism to its current control of the global economy, and his assessment of the challenges confronting all of us, offer valuable lines of enquiry for stimulating and raising the debate in South Africa and on the African continent.”Piketty’s best sellerThe foundation said Piketty was one of the most influential thinkers of our time, based on his research and findings in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.“Piketty, through the painstaking collection and analysis of tax and other data, tracks back income and wealth over the last century in Britain and the United States and over a longer period in France, where tax records have existed for longer,” the foundation explained.“He shows that income inequality rose until the Great Depression in 1929 before falling sharply for the next 15 years and then stabilising from the end of the Second World War through to the mid-1970s. After this, however, inequality has risen sharply, hitting 1929 levels again by 2008.”The central theme of the book is that equality in societies increases when the rate of return to capital outstrips the rate of growth. The Guardian wrote about Piketty’s premise: “The wealthy are getting wealthier while everybody else is struggling. Inequality will widen to the point where it becomes unsustainable – both politically and economically – unless action is taken to redistribute income and wealth. Piketty favours a graduated wealth tax and 80% income tax for those on the highest salaries.”Piketty notes that developing countries are also affected by rising inequality. In countries such as South Africa, Columbia and China, wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated at the top, and not trickling down to the rest of society.The first chapter of Capital in the Twenty-First Century starts with the tragedy in Marikana in South Africa. “This episode reminds us,” he wrote, “that the question of what share of output should go to wages and what share to profit – in other words how should the income from production be divided between labour and capital? – has always been at the heart of distributional conflict.”Growing inequality had an effect on political stability and democracy and so, Piketty’s lecture “is timely and a fitting voice in the debate about development, inequality and democracy in South Africa”, said the foundation. It also ties in with the country’s National Development Plan, Vision 2030, which looks at creating decent employment through inclusive economic growth.Don’t miss itEveryone can watch the lecture, which will be broadcast live on SABC 2 from 3pm to 4.30pm. It will also be live streamed on the Nelson Mandela Foundation YouTube account and website.Previous speakersThe first Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture was delivered in 2003. The people who have spoken are those who have left their mark on the world:2003: Former US president, Bill Clinton2004: Social rights activist, Archbishop Desmond Tutu2005: Former South African president, Thabo Mbeki2006: Chilean-American author, activist and professor of literature and Latin-American studies, Ariel Dorfman2007: Kenyan Nobel laureate, Professor Wangari Maathai2008: Former secretary-general of the UN, Kofi Annan2009: President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf2010: Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Grameen Bank, Professor Muhammad Yunus2011: Director of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, Ismail Serageldin2012: Former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson2013: Founder and chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Dr Mo Ibrahim2014: President of Chile, Michelle BacheletWatch last year’s lecture:SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Donation to benefit new barn at Jackson County Fairgrounds

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  Leave a CommentThe Jackson-Vinton Farm Bureau presented the Jackson County Agricultural Society a check for $2500, to be used for the construction of a new barn on the Jackson County Fairgrounds. In September, a Hometown Harvest Dinner in the Street event was held to bring local producers and consumers together!  The donation given were the proceeds from that event. Thank you to everyone who supported this endeavor.  Leave a Commentlast_img read more

Videos: Cam Newton May Have Walked Out Of Press Conference Due To Nearby Chris Harris Presser

first_imgcam newton press conference super bowlTwitter/@bmweezy13Even the biggest Cam Newton supporters can admit that yesterday’s Super Bowl wasn’t his finest moment. The NFL MVP failed to dive for a fumble with his Carolina Panthers down just six points late in the game, and afterwards, he left his press conference after a few minutes and few substantive answers. Obviously, Cam wasn’t thrilled after losing the biggest game of his career, but that may not be the only reason for his quick presser exit.Video shows that Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris was giving his own conference near by, and some of his comments may have caused Cam to leave so abruptly.It appears Cam Newton was irritated by Chris Harris’ nearby presser. May have led to him walking out of his presser.— Cameron Wolfe (@CameronWolfe) February 8, 2016Here’s another video, with more clear audio:THIS is why Cam walked out (listen to what’s being said in the background).— Brian (@bmweezy13) February 8, 2016Harris was discussing the Broncos’ gameplan, during which he openly questions Newton’s ability to throw the ball on Denver’s fantastic secondary.That was Chris Harris talking in the background. Here’s the full quote.— Brian (@bmweezy13) February 8, 2016This doesn’t excuse Newton, but again, it was probably the most difficult moment of his career, and he had to sit there while a player that just beat him is loudly discussing his failures as a quarterback. Most of us probably wouldn’t have handled the situation any better. Newton will learn from yesterday’s game, and the criticism that came from the events afterward.last_img read more

Final results in tight BC election could take weeks to be finalized

first_imgVANCOUVER – Preliminary results of Tuesday’s election in British Columbia show the province heading for a minority government for the first time in 65 years, with the incumbent Liberals one seat shy of a razor-thin majority and the Greens holding the balance of power.But the final seat count won’t be known for at least a couple weeks, as absentee ballots are tallied and recounts are likely in closely fought ridings. Here is a rough timeframe of how the coming weeks could shake out, keeping in mind the dates may shift depending on when requests are made or when Elections BC releases its results:May 9: Election day.May 12: Candidates or their official agents have three days from the election to ask that the ballots cast be recounted. If approved, this recount coincides with the final count, when absentee ballots are tallied. This request can be made on a number of grounds, including if there are 100 votes or fewer separating the top two candidates.May 22 to 24: B.C. allows voters to cast their ballot at any polling station in the province, including outside their home riding. These absentee ballots are then shipped to the appropriate riding. Counting cannot begin until 13 days after the election. Once the count is complete, Elections BC declares the official election results.May 30: A voter, candidate or electoral officer has six days after the official results are announced to ask the Supreme Court of British Columbia to conduct a judicial recount. A recount can be granted if it’s believed the ballot count doesn’t accurately reflect the number of votes a candidates receives. A mandatory judicial recount occurs in the event of a tie or if the vote difference between the two front runners is less than 0.2 per cent of the total ballots considered.June 2: B.C. Supreme Court must decide within three days whether it will grant a recount, and provide the date, time and location it will take place.June 10: The judicial recount must be completed within eight days of being granted.June 12: A candidate can file an appeal of a B.C. Supreme Court recount to the province’s Appeal Court within two days of the recount results being released.June 22: A time to hear the appeal must be scheduled within 10 days of the appeal being filed, after which there is no concrete deadline for when the court must hear the case.Source: Elections BC, B.C.’s Election Actlast_img read more

Commissioner resigns from inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA _ The inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women says Marilyn Poitras has resigned as a commissioner.The decision comes shortly after the departure of the commission’s executive director, Michele Moreau, who cited personal reasons in her resignation.Poitras was named last summer to the highly-anticipated inquiry along with four others including chief commissioner Marion Buller.She has worked as an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan since 2009.The federal government has earmarked $53.8 million and two years for the inquiry but Buller has already indicated more time and funding will be required.Indigenous advocates and leaders have raised concerns about the process and about the communication surrounding its work.Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett is holding a news conference at 10:30ET.last_img read more

Steph Curry Trails Shaun Livingston In The NBA Finals MVP Race

Andre Iguodala+54+19%+3.2 For all of his supposed offensive woes, Curry has a slight edge on total offensive contribution. But Steph has had an abnormally poor defensive outing. Thus, on a combined points-contributed basis, we can see that Livingston pretty much dwarfs the competition as it stands, having contributed 24.1 points to Steph’s 4.3 and Klay Thompson’s 3.5. Here’s a table with the combined points added for all the Warriors players who have averaged 15-plus minutes in the series, as well as their plus/minuses (from ESPN) and WPAs (per inPredict): After beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4 on Friday night, the Golden State Warriors are one win away from their second consecutive NBA championship. Moreover, regular-season MVP Stephen Curry finally had a big game, going seven for 13 on 3-pointers and scoring 38 points. In a series with few breakout performances, this may be enough to regain Curry the inside lane on the Finals MVP should the Warriors win in the days ahead.Now, don’t get me wrong: I think Curry is the most valuable player on the Warriors, and would be no matter what. But if there’s going to be a silly award for contributing “value” over a small number of games — and we’re willing to give that award to the Andre Iguodalas of the sport when they step up — Curry’s uneven performance so far still puts him in a pretty sizable hole, especially relative to his backup, Shaun Livingston.Granted, Livingston has averaged 10 points per game (compared with Curry’s 21.5), but he has done it on 16 of 25 shots, for an effective field goal percentage of 64 percent (the highest on the Warriors of anyone with more than 20 shots).More importantly, in his 89 minutes of play (Curry has 131), Livingston has also been an extremely effective defender, with his opponents’ effective shooting coming in at a team-low 28 percent.Livingston has been involved in fewer plays than many of his teammates, but his per-play contribution has more than made up for that deficit. Using qSI (amount scored above/below expectation for each shot) for shots taken and defended, we can sum up the total number of points added by each player on each side of the ball: Draymond Green+36+11%+1.6 Klay Thompson+11+10%+3.5 SHOOTER+/-WPACOMBINED POINTS ADDED Shaun Livingston+31+17%+24.1 Harrison Barnes0+18%-2.3 Warriors averaging at least 15+ minutes per Finals game.Source: NBA PLAYER-TRACKING DATA, espn, Inpredictable Who’s done the most for the Warriors? Stephen Curry+12-1%+4.3 Iguodala leads in plus/minus, and is the choice of some to repeat as MVP. But Livingston holds his own in those much more volatile stats while dominating the tracking metrics. And Curry trails across the board.Of course, the player-tracking doesn’t capture all value contributed, nor does MVP voting hew perfectly to value. If Curry puts up big numbers in a Game 5 victory, he will almost certainly win the award; the same may be true of virtually anyone with the race seeming so wide open. But at this moment, the balance of evidence suggests that Curry’s mid-range-shooting backup has been the most on fire so far. read more