Some Ubisoft alwaysconnected DRM games wont be playable February 7

first_imgI have yet to find someone outside of Ubisoft that believes their always-connected DRM was a good idea. By always-connected they mean exactly that–if you lose your Internet connection for even a few seconds the game will pause.Such a system causes a number of issues for those of us with unreliable connections, or who want to play away from the ‘net, e.g. we go on holiday with a laptop. But even if you are constantly hooked up to a bulletproof ISP, some Ubisoft games are going to become temporarily unplayable anyway.The reason for this is that Ubisoft has decided to migrate some of its servers to a different host in order to “improve the maintenance of our infrastructure.” The transition is beginning on February 7, but no timescale has been stated for its expected completion. If you own any of the following games on the given platforms, you won’t be able to play them that day, or possibly that whole weekend:Assassin’s Creed (Mac)Might & Magic: Heroes VI (PC)Splinter Cell Conviction (Mac)The Settlers (Mac)The Settlers 7: Path to a Kingdom (PC)Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2 (PC)As well as the games, Uplay will be offline for PC, although you will still be able to play the games that use it as long as you have connected at least once before it goes offline. Anything unlocked during the offline period will get synced when Uplay reappears.Although the disruption may be minimal, choosing to do the migration on a Saturday, a day when school is out and a lot more gaming is going to occur, seems unfair. It also points out a major problem with using this type of DRM: if you mess with the servers, paying gamers can’t play the games they bought.Read more at Ubisoft, via Joystiqlast_img read more