Workout while you work with the GymGym Chair

first_imgThe life of a blogger is a life of gradual corporeal degeneration. Look at me, this sad meat: my prize-winning abdominals, once used to crush grapefruit for delighted onlookers at the beach, have now been replaced with a flaccid albino sack of tapioca pudding. Let’s not even get into my pecs and tris, with which I once delighted to get my pump on, but now have atrophied into amorphous tendrils of muscle-less flesh barely capable of typing these words without going numb from the exertion.Enter the GymGym chair, which attempts to give the 24 hour chair jockey the ability to work out even while he rests comfortably in front of a spreadsheet, Facebook profile or World of Warcraft raid.To be fair, it looks less like a piece of exercise equipment than some sort of elaborate S&M device, or perhaps the chair that a convict might be strapped into before undergoing A Clockwork Orange‘s Ludovico technique. reality, though, the GymGym Chair is just an adjustable office chair with bungee cords attached to strategic points that allow you to do some stretching and exercising between emails. You can even strap your legs down so as not to go catapulting out of the chair during a particularly intense workout. Considerate!The GymGym chair is available now in three different colors for $599.Read more at GymGymlast_img read more