Worlds Oldest Drinkable Beer Discovered Drunk

first_imgThe divers discovered 145 bottles of champagne and five bottles of beer on the ship. The beer has since been consumed by professional beer tasters. Said Annika Wilhelmson, an observing scientist, “They said that it did taste very old, which is no surprise, with some burnt notes. But it was quite acidic – which could mean there’s been some fermenting going on in the bottle and with time it’s become acid.”The Technical Research Centre of Finland has since been commissioned to figure out exactly what the beer was made out of. Wilhemson again, “We’re going to try to see if we can find any living yeast or other microbial cells, because that would be very interesting with respect to reproducing the beer.”One the recipe is discovered, the beer will be brewed again. Divers have discovered what scientists to be the oldest drinkable beer ever found. The bottles were discovered on a sunken ship in the Baltic Sea. The ship, which was traveling between Denmark and Russia is believed to gone down between 1800 and 1830.last_img read more