Laporta, presidential: “The situation is very precarious”

first_imgJoan Laporta gave an interview in Gol, in which he reviewed all the news of FC Barcelona and hinted that every day it is clearer about showing up at June elections 2021. The former president from Barcelona also spoke of Xavi, to whom he has entrusted the future of the Camp Nou bench once he considers himself ready and was very critical of the club’s economic moment. For Laporta, Barça has become “the club of three trillion” and has defined the situation as “very precarious”. “Xavi must say when he is ready” “I’m getting more excited every time” Laporta Elections: “It is a project that I am excited about, that I keep in mind. I am bringing together people and professionals I trust because you have to think carefully about how to reverse the financial situation of the club. I would like to make a proposal to do so. The club has a very Precarious at the moment, it has become the club of the three trillion: a trillion income, a trillion expenses and a trillion debts. Unfortunately, as it looks, it may not reach the trillion income. a credible, feasible proposal. It is worrisome and a sports project must be carried out that will enlighten and improve what is happening now and improve the institutional image of Barça. I am excited, but I will decide at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. “Are you clear if it will be presented?: “Every time I am more excited, each time I gather people who motivate me more. I am quite advanced.”Election date: “It must be in June 2021. I do not foresee an advance. Those who are now need to hold on because the situation is very complicated and if they left it now, they would see the whole situation that has caused this indebtedness and this precarious situation.” Xavi: “He has very good manners, surely he is doing very well and gaining experience. He has to be the one who decides, that he looks at when he is ready to train. He will be a great soccer coach. As a player already he lived for this, it is what he likes the most. He will surely do it well. “Is Xavi ready yet?: “I must not say it, it must be him, who knows much more about football than me and is very smart. When they made the proposal he said no and it seemed very prudent. I heard him say a few words and thought he knew what he was saying well , who was aware that he needed time. “A president close to the players: “I had some soccer players who were, apart from their talent, great people and architects of the successes we had. Perhaps by age I could be their older brother. That was how I gained their confidence. I was with them, they knew that I was going to be there for if they needed my advice, my help. I felt privileged, they admitted me into the sanctuary (that’s what they call the dressing room). “Difficulties of being president: “There are times when you must make decisions that are of some importance and fortunately there is a Board of Directors where the president tries to guide decisions. Sometimes you have to make them in your closest environment. You always have a person with whom to comment on a decision”. Reference chairs: “I had my own style, which was forged based on what I have seen. From each president I met I valued their qualities and tried to learn from them: glamor, bravery … I had a good relationship with everyone. I was in UEFA, in FIFA, had positions there and I think I liked it. This has been shown to me later. “Florentino Pérez: “We had our styles, but we always maintained institutional harmony and even a good personal relationship. He always behaved like a gentleman from different positions and as competitors. Differences were always overcome with civility and harmony. I remember that I went to a person’s funeral relevant in the Real Madrid universe, Pedro de Felipe, and I wanted to keep a discreet position. Florentino’s personal assistant came to me and said he wanted me to sit next to him. He even insisted. He said: ‘I want the enemy close.’ “More presidents of Madrid: “Calderón was and is a brave man. I very much doubt that there is a braver president than Calderón. He had a good relationship with both of them.”Does a president have to know about soccer?: “You have to know, but also know how to delegate to those who know more. There you have to do an exercise in humility. I have played and I have been competitive. The rivalry against Madrid was favorable for us in my time in the presidency. There was a lot of competition. I started to watch games with Rijkaard, with Cruyff, with Pep and I realized that I knew a tenth of what they knew. The ball was still left-wing and they criticized the right-back. “ Laporta, on the elections Laporta “The financial situation of the club is very precarious” Teams you like: “The City in the Premier. That Pep continues to succeed … I am very happy for him. I also really like Real Sociedad, I am happy for Aperribay, who is a magnificent president. He has a very well-compensated team, Oyarzabal, Odegaard, I love Merino and Zubeldia. They are doing an extraordinary campaign. And then I look at players: Muniain, Williams, Yeray, Bartra, Joaquín, Canales, Sevilla, Getafe, Jorge Molina … Also Villarreal, Cazorla, Valencia, Parejo , Antonio Puertas, Joao Félix, Lucas Pérez, I follow Celta for Óscar. I have always liked soccer, I enjoy it. “Costumes: “They have their rules, their dynamics. You have to delegate to those who know more about soccer than you, you are there so they know that if they need help, you will provide it.”Relationship with heavy weights: “It is important. They have to believe you and generate complicity. Everything you say to them you have to be able to fulfill because the player is very intuitive, a very smart person who lives in a dynamic of permanent competition, of an accelerated rhythm. It is important that they see you setting the tone, that you know how to make a joke at one moment and be serious about another. That they know you and that you follow what you say. “Ronaldinho: “We met him shortly before at the presentation of a documentary about his career. Unfortunately, afterwards the Paraguay thing happened. I have been in contact with relatives of Ronaldinho and Roberto and they were telling me how the issue was going. I sent them a message from love and support. I do not know how all this was managed. It was a pity. The Catalans do not like to see him suffer. “How do you quarantine: “We are seeing Barça a lot. The Clubs and the derbies are playing on the club’s television. We have seen the finals, national team matches … My children like to see what football was like before. See Pelé, Brazil ’70, Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ against England, Diego’s goal like Leo Messi to Getafe … We laughed seeing Messi’s goals, it took us a day. He is the best in football history ” .last_img read more