How rich are you? Flaunt your wealth is new viral challenge on social media

first_imgA new viral craze has become the talk of the Chinese internet and the country’s nouveau riche are basking in the glory of it.Called ‘Flaunt your wealth challenge’, this social media stunt literally involves individuals showing off their high-end material possessions. Flaunt your wealth challenge sweeps through ChinaTo take part in the challenge people have to post photos of themselves lying face down on the ground, surrounded by luxury cars, private jets, bags, shoes, range of high-end lifestyle products and sometimes even cash, acting like they have spilled it all on the ground.Originally started as the falling stars challenge in Russia, it made its way to China as the flaunt your wealth challenge. Flaunt your wealth challenge sweeps through ChinaAccording to reports, Chinese millennials are growing rich every day, so they love to invest in high-end goods. Therefore, they are equally eager to show it all off and this trend if absolutely perfect for it.With more than million posts on the internet, this bizarre challenge is taking China by storm.In fact, it has gotten so out of hand that one women was even fined for a parking violation by authorities. The woman was apparently lying beside her luxurious sports car on a pedestrian crossing in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, surrounded by scattered high heels, make-up and a handbag.After the challenge took off and the elites started showing off their riches, Chinese workers and students took it upon themselves to give this challenge a new satirical twist.advertisement People are giving a satirical twist to the challengeWhile some are posting photos of themselves surrounded by textbooks, some are posting photos with vegetables only. In fact, it has become a raging meme there.The challenge originally began in July with a Russian DJ posting a photo of himself online pretending to fall from a private jet on to a runaway.ALSO SEE | What is Kiki challenge? Why is Mumbai Police against it?ALSO WATCH | Kiki challenge: Cops unhappy after video of woman dancing on road goes virallast_img read more