‘We Must Love Our Country’

first_imgThe most appreciated Liberian government official, Mary Broh, has said that everything she does is meant to give a good image of the country she loves and cherishes so much. She is therefore urging Liberians to show similar affections if the country is to be developed.“I love this country! I really love this country because this is the place I call home and everything I do, I do it in the best interest of this country,” Madam Broh, affectionately called ‘General Broh’, said at the Liberian Series of the African SHEROES Awards over the weekend.Madam Broh was one of several honorees at the event, where she scooped the Outstanding Female Government Official Award. In this category, she edged out Paynesville City Mayor, Cyvette Gibson, and another nominee.After being presented with the accolade, Mrs. Broh, who is known for her no-nonsense approach to ensuring that Monrovia and its environs are kept clean by residents as well as taking on every task presented by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said: “Liberia is a place that I hold so dear to my heart. This country is a sweet place but we all must work to make it so.”“President Sirleaf similarly loves this country.”She said it will take only Liberians to make Liberia better. “No one will come from anywhere to do it for us. This is the only place we have,” she said.The GSA boss was recently given a month-long task of giving Monrovia and its immediate environs a facelift for the festive season; which she, as usual, ably executed, though many described her actions as “anti-developmental.”The African SHEROES Awards is a newly initiated premier international awards program celebrating the achievements of the most successful and inspiring females of African descent, with the Liberia edition being the first of its kind to kick-off this year.President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was the biggest winner at the award ceremony, taking home the maiden edition of the highest and most prestigious award of the African SHEROES Awards (ASAs), The Ultimate SHEROES Award.The president was not at the ceremony, but Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Julia Duncan Cassell received the award on her behalf.The President was selected by the organizers for the highest honor because of what they termed as her great achievement in politics and setting the bar for other African women to follow. The ultimate SHERO is a woman who has continuously risen to the challenge of matching social impact with economic value and broken the glass ceiling, organizers of the event said.The ASAs, a Liberian event, was created specifically to honor women who strive for success in spite of the limitations society put on being a female. The organizers are Barkue Tubman and Salamartu Duncan. The awards were won in both youth and adult categories, with many young girls emerging as winners.Tubman and Duncan, speaking at the ceremony, promised that each year the organization and its partners will recognize African women for demonstrating excellence – from economic growth to social change, from local to global, across multiple sectors.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Garda injured after man kicked off shoe and struck him in groin

first_imgA man who kicked off his shoes in a Garda cell left an officer needing medical treatment after he struck him in the groin.Officers arrested Matthew Heaphy in Letterkenny and taken to the local Garda station on February 23rd last.They put him in a cell but asked him to take the laces from his shoes in line with safety procedures. But Heaphy kicked of his shoe and struck the Garda in the groin forcing him to put his back out after he jerked backwards.The Garda had to receive medical treatment and was off work for some time.Heaphy, aged 30, from Hazelbrook Crescent, Letterkenny, appeared at Letterkenny District Court charged with obstructing a peace officer.Heaphy, who has 37 previous convictions for various offences including drugs and traffic, pleaded guilty to the charge. His solicitor Patsy Gallagher told the court that his client had previous issues with both alcohol and drugs but was now clean.He said he had started an apprenticeship with a well-known hotel in Co Wicklow and was attempting to get his life back in order.Judge Paul Kelly said it appears the accused man had sorted himself out and applied the probation act. Garda injured after man kicked off shoe and struck him in groin was last modified: October 24th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mozilla Labs Launches Open Web Tools Directory for Developers

first_imgWe already know that Mozilla has fostered an impressive ecosystem around Firefox and its other products, but today, Mozilla Labs also launched a new directory full of interesting web apps and tools for developers. As Mozilla points out in the launch announcement, there is currently no central index of these tools, and Mozilla would like to fill this gap with the Open Web Tools Directory.One interesting aspect of the directory is that Mozilla decided to eschew a standard, table-based layout for the directory in favor of an HTML 5 canvas based design that focuses on the products’ logos. Because of this, the directory will only work on modern browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, but Internet Explorer users will be locked out. Pretty – But Hard to UseAs of now, only a small number of tools are in the directory, but, keeping in style with the purpose of the directory, Mozilla is using a Google Spreadsheet that allows developers to submit their applications.We have to say, however, that the layout of the directory can be rather confusing and given that all a user sees is a product’s logo, it is rather hard to figure out what a tool really does. As Mozilla adds more products, it will only get harder to use, though thankfully, Mozilla does also offer a plainer version of the directory. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting More to ComeIn the long run, Mozilla also plans to roll out comments, more social features, and ranking tools (maybe similar to what Launchly does).As is typical for Mozilla Labs products, Mozilla is releasing this early and encouraging feedback from the community. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… frederic lardinois Tags:#Product Reviews#web#Web Development Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Is Google Dumping Open Standards For Open Wallets?

first_imgMatt Asay Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Google was supposed to be different. Unlike Microsoft and Apple, which built their empires on proprietary software and associated lock-in, Google has long been all about peace, love and open standards. Recently, however, that has begun to change. Google, long a champion of open standards and “one click away” competition, has started dumping open standards, ostensibly to force fealty to Google products.New monopoly, same as the old monopoly?Google’s March Away From Open StandardsGoogle’s deviations from open standards have been picking up pace lately. Each of Google’s individual steps away from open standards are backed by good reasons, like Google’s apparent desire not to defend in court its V8 open video codec and subsequent about-face on H.264. Or Google’s shift away from Blink principles with Pepper and PNaCl.But they represent a troubling trend.For example, Google recently announced that it was deprecating its support for CalDav, an open standard, in favor of the Google Calendar API because “Most developers’ use cases are handled well by Google Calendar API.” All your calendars are belong to us.Perhaps more troubling, Google also cut its support for XMPP, the open messaging protocol, in an attempt to unify its messaging services. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Parker Higgins writes, such open standards support is critical for ensuring competition on user-facing functionality, rather than lock-in:Google’s earlier full support for XMPP meant that users could chat with people on other instant message services, or even who host their own chat servers. This kind of decentralization is a good thing: it decreases lock-in to any particular service, which in turn lets the services compete on important factors like quality, uptime, or respect for user privacy.Ironically, Google calls out the importance of such open standards support in its own documentation for the now-deprecated Talk platform, as Higgins highlights: “[Service choice] allows you to choose your service provider based on other more important factors, such as features, quality of service, and price, while still being able to talk to anyone you want.”Of course, there are very good reasons for what Google is doing. As The Verge writes on Google’s move away from XMPP, Google’s messaging strategy was a mess of different protocols. It needed to simplify things and decided it was cleaner to craft a new standard rather than try to improve an old one. And as Neal Gompa points out, improving the old standard might still annoy users because it would likely create new incompatibilities.Even so, Bryan Appleyard suggests that Google displays “a sinister impatience with government,” generally. In the case of its move away from some key open standards, I suspect it’s less a matter of any overt willingness to “be evil” and more with a desire to rid itself of the messiness of committees and consensus that open standards require.Android All Over Again?Not that this is particularly new. Google has taken plenty of heat for making Android’s code open source without making its development process permeable to outside developers. Doing so, after all, would keep Google from being able to build what it wants, on its terms and schedule.Stung by the criticism, particularly from Apple’s Steve Jobs, then-Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted that availability of the source code was the true definition of open:Developer luminary Joe Hewitt ripped into Rubin’s defense, but it ultimately it didn’t seem to matter. Android kept chugging away, open or no, with device manufacturers happy to crank out low-cost competitors to Apple’s iPhone and consumers happy to buy them.Does Anyone Care?Consumers don’t seem to mind, clicking on an ever-increasing number of Google ads, served up against closed services. Convenience, unfortunately, often trumps all other considerations. Like Apple before it, Google clearly wants to create an optimal user experience, even at the expense of proprietary protocols. The problem, just like with Microsoft and Apple before it, is that by embracing closed standards Google threatens to throttle innovation, limiting consumers’ upgrade path to the same vendor, year after year. Hopefully we’ll be wiser this time, and demand open standards from the company that has generally been so committed to them.Wishful thinking?Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Tags:#Android#Google#instant messaging#lock-in#open standards#proprietary#XMPP center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img read more

GOGL to Equip 16 Bulkers with Scrubbers

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pxhere under CC0 Creative Commons license Ahead of the implementation of new maritime environmental regulations, Norway-based dry bulk shipping company Golden Ocean Group Limited (GOGL) revealed plans to install sixteen scrubbers on its Capesize vessels. The company has signed contracts for the purchase of sixteen exhaust gas cleaning systems, with options including nine additional scrubbers to be installed on certain of its Capesize ships.As informed, the initial sixteen scrubbers will be installed during routine drydocking schedules and the majority of these installations will be completed in 2019 or early 2020.The announcement was made in the company’s financial results which show that the company had a profitable second quarter. GOGL’s net income was USD 9 million in Q2 2018, compared to a net loss of USD 12 million seen in the corresponding period a year earlier.In addition, adjusted EBITDA stood at USD 54 million in the second quarter of 2018, compared to USD 29.7 million posted in Q2 2017.“Golden Ocean generated positive results once again in the second quarter. The market continues to strengthen over the summer, in particular for Capesize vessels. The company is currently benefiting from the strategic decision to focus our fleet on larger vessel classes as this maximizes the company’s leverage to improving markets,” Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO of Golden Ocean Management AS, said.“The steps we are taking to optimize the fleet by installing scrubbers will further position the company ahead of the implementation of new caps on sulphur emissions,” Ringstad Vartdal added.During the quarter, GOGL entered into a USD 120 million loan facility to refinance ten vessels on favorable terms.Additionally, the company delivered Golden Eminence, a Panamax vessel, to its new owner earlier this month. The ship was sold in April 2018 for USD 14.7 million.As of June 30, 2018, the company’s fleet consisted of 78 vessels, with an aggregate capacity of approximately 10.7 million dwt.last_img read more

Big Os new roof a reminder of the past and a sign

first_imgMONTREAL – A new roof for Montreal’s Olympic Stadium will serve as a reminder of the perils of unchecked ambition and vanity but also as a sign of confidence in the future, says the head of the agency that oversees the facility.Citizens have debated for years what to do with the mass of concrete, which can’t host events during the winter months due to fears its roof will collapse under the weight of snow and ice.But the structure itself is visually stunning, looking like a vertically segmented flying saucer topped with a pointy white meringue cake with tips attached by cables connecting to the world’s tallest inclined tower.“A society that builds a structure that is so exorbitant — do we demolish it and forget, or do we take ownership of something our parents and grandparents created, with its highs and lows?” Michel Labrecque, president of the Olympic park, said in an interview Friday.“There is a lot of modern Quebec in this building. Corruption, sabotage, labour strikes. We need to assume the past and not rehabilitate it. And we need to learn.”While the stadium itself was designed by French architect Roger Taillibert for the 1976 Olympics and as the future home of a Major League Baseball team, its roof was only completed in 1987.The Kevlar top was made in 1974 in Germany and delivered to Marseilles, France, where it was stored for 10 years before being shipped across the Atlantic and tied together “by big sewing machines,” said Labrecque.Avant-garde for its time, the roof was designed to be vertically retractable with cables that lifted into a pocket of the inclined tower.That, says McGill University architecture professor Avi Friedman, was complete and utter folly.“The hierarchy of decision-makers came out with something that would have been rejected by a beginner architect,” he said. “The idea of having a big arm that would suck in a (roof) … this was, I believe, wrong from the beginning.“We were rushed into a bad idea.”Friedman said then-mayor Jean Drapeau was “at the height of his popularity” after a successful Expo 67.“Expo worked, the metro system worked — it’s one of the most successful metros in North America — but (the stadium) did not work.”The project was plagued with delays, labour strikes, rampant corruption and ran so over budget and over schedule the province had to wrest control fom Drapeau to get it completed in time for the 1976 Olympics.Quebec created a special tax on cigarettes to help pay off the loan to build the project, the final payment for which was made in 2006.At $1.47 billion, the stadium, known colloquially as the Big O (or Big Owe by some), cost almost five times what had been promised.The roof successfully retracted 88 times, said Labrecque, but the material often tore. In 1991 high winds caused a big rip in the Kevlar and it was replaced in the late 1990s.But that roof turned out to be just as problematic, and it currently has 8,000 tiny holes, most of which Labrecque said are about the size of a dollar coin.“It looks like a face filled with chicken pox,” he mused.The stadium, however, can fit roughly 60,000 people and is the largest of its kind in the province.Friedman says cities need to have “a big living room” where citizens can gather for large-scale events.Quebec’s announcement this week it would soon begin accepting proposals for a new roof is a sign the society is ready to take ownership of the past and create something new and sustainable, Labrecque said.The stadium is located on a massive piece of land and surrounded by the new Planetarium, the Biodome and Insectarium, as well as the Saputo soccer field, home of the city’s MLS team.“I think the Olympic Stadium has a silver lining — it taught us not to get stuck in grand visions,” Friedman said.City leaders, he added, need to have a big, macro vision for the city, but should consider smaller-scale and more manageable projects as opposed to massive undertakings that spiral easily out of control.Labrecque, however, isn’t quite ready for Montreal to stop thinking big.“We just need to remember,” he said. “And read, and learn, and if we re-embark on a big project, let’s be very, very attentive.”last_img read more