The Simpsons Composer, Alf Clausen, Fired After 27 Seasons

first_imgThe Simpsons is a staple of American culture. As longest-running prime-time television series, since its debut in December of 1989, the animated program has become iconic, gaining critical acclaim and dozens of awards in addition to the millions and millions of viewers who’ve seen the show in the last near-thirty years. In May of this year, the show wrapped up its 28th season, and the show has already been renewed for a 29th and 30th, ensuring that the show will run through to 2019. However, today, the news broke that The Simpsons’ composer, Alf Clausen, had been fired from the long-running show.Alf Clausen has been with the show for 27 seasons, with his 35-piece orchestra becoming an integral part of the show. During his tenure with The Simpsons, which started during the show’s 1990-91 season, Clausen has scored over 560 episodes and received two Emmys (in 1997 and 1998) in addition to 21 additional nominations since 1992—making him one of the most-nominated composer in Emmy history with 29 nominations under his belt.In a statement to Variety, Clausen noted that the show was “seeking a different kind of music,” though this reasoning is at odds with series creator Matt Gorening’s long-standing insistence that Clausen’s orchestra be used from the start of The Simpsons. While a Fox representative declined to comment on the matter to Variety, others have speculated that Fox unceremoniously fired Clausen and his orchestra as a means to cut on costs, as maintaining a 35-piece orchestra for the program has cost the network millions. Regardless, The Simpsons has consistently been a cash cow for Fox, so their release of one of the most decorated and beloved composers in television history is somewhat befuddling.Clausen’s final season, the 28th seasons of the show, has already aired, so The Simpson’s upcoming 29th season, which is slated to air on October 1st, will be the first without the composer. Thanks for all your work over the years, Mr. Clausen! While he’s sure to be able to find work elsewhere, he’ll be missed on the program for sure.last_img read more