Happy Holidays from VCE

first_imgQ4 is a magical time of year here at VCE.  Of course it is also crunch time.  Like most companies sales is closing last minute deals, finance trying to close the books, and we as recruiters trying fill a few more positions. With all that going on, it can be difficult to stop and enjoy the holidays.  At VCE we don’t just enjoy the holidays.  We put in extra hours to take every celebration to the next level.Halloween kicks off the office holiday season.  It’s not just having a slice of cake and mingling around the office water cooler like they do in “Office Space”. Walk into any VCE office during the month of October and its decorated top to bottom with Halloween décor. You go to fill up your water bottle, watch out because a skeleton hand might be causally lying right next to it.One of the greatest things about VCE is the enthusiasm people have; folks at VCE go all out. During Halloween, employees are encouraged to bring their kids trick or treating around the offices followed by a huge party. Prizes are given out for the scariest and most creative cubes. As a result, many teams collaborate and come up with very elaborate décor. The employees have a great time and the kids have more candy in their pockets. This brings in about 200 children every year.The number one thing people think about during Christmas is most likely presents. This is top of the list for VCE but probably not in the same way you may be thinking. VCE’s cares deeply about giving back to the community. VCE participated in a Snowman Drive this year and provided gifts to 80 less fortunate children in Worcester, MA. Talk about a huge success!  VCE always encourages its employees to give back so the company actually pays each employee for taking a day off to do community service each year.The holidays around here speak to the comradery VCE employees have for one another. This holds true year round and is especially on display during softball season. The Marlborough office participates in a co-ed softball league from April through October. It’s a great way for employees to get out from behind their desks and interact with individuals from all different departments. Known as the Vblockers, this team ranges from employees who have grown up with the sport to newcomers. The main goal is to have fun, although winning isn’t a bad thing either. This year the team earned bragging rights as the B bracket champions!If you want to join an organization that can build your skills and help take the next step in your career consider coming to work VCE.  Take the first step in joining our rocket ship ride to the top. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/DellEMCconverged or Twitter @weareVCE and be sure to check out our careers page www.vce.com/careers. After all, incredible does happen here!last_img read more

VMWorld 2016 – What happens in Vegas gets spread around the Internet

first_imgWhat happens in Vegas will definitely not be staying in Vegas at this year’s #VMWorld 2016 US, an event carried out as much online as it is in the conference rooms and expo floor. This year should be no exception, as Dell representatives from all areas of the business are excited to be on hand to meet with our customers and partners and demonstrate some amazing solutions.&nbsp;</p><p>Let’s start with some of the presentations that will be taking place in the Dell booth:HoneywellCome hear about how Dell and Honeywell are partnering to deliver Hyper-converged virtualization solutions to Oil Refineries and other mission critical industrial applications with the Dell FX2 and VMware VSAN. (Monday at 11:30 and 2:30; Tuesday at 11:30)Liberate your Network InfrastructureThis session will discuss how Dell and VMware are working closely together to help customers build a Software-Defined Data Center by providing a robust and open underlay network infrastructure that complements a VMware NSX network virtualization overlay. (Monday and Tuesday at 1:00)FX2 and VMware VSAN = Powerful PerformanceThe unique combination of Dell’s FX2 infrastructure and versatility of VSAN licensing enabled 16X the performance of a legacy solution in only 2U and up to 32X by leveraging VSAN licensing to add a SAN. (Monday and Tuesday at 1:30)Get control of your VDI solutionWith the onset of Win 10, Office 2016 and more, the perfect storm is brewing that could upend your VDI implementation if it’s not similarly GPU-powered. (Monday and Tuesday at 2:00)Dell Virtual Rack EnvironmentThis interactive online catalogue of products and solutions gives you quick access to Servers, Storage, Networking, and Engineered Solutions with features, specifications, videos and more. (Monday at 3:00)Make Converged Infrastructure work for youYou seek the simplicity that comes with converged architectures, where the work of ensuring the fit and interoperability of the latest technologies has been done in advance for you. But, too often, this means that you have to adapt too much to the system. Come see an example of how you can design your own converged system to your requirements. (Monday at 4:30)Management Tools in a VMware EnvironmentEven with the freedom that VMware and virtualization provides, some kind of routine monitoring and maintenance is still critical to your hardware infrastructure. See some of the management tools and integrations that can help you maintain your hardware with minimal fuss. (Monday and Tuesday at 5:00)Dell Active System ManagerDell’s ASM lifecycle management platform enables you to adapt your infrastructure efficiently and with low administrative time, even for heterogeneous, fine-tuned architectures running a variety of workloads. (Tuesday at 3:00)Besides those great presentations, you can swing by the booth anytime the floor is open to get up close and personal with our technology and meet our subject matter experts. We’ll also have representatives from Dell Financial Services will be on hand to discuss with you our flexible consumption options and payment offers tailor made for any combination of hardware, software, or services.V0dgeballOne of the best activities at VMworld actually takes place before the show officially opens. It’s called v0dgeball – and if you don’t know about it, here’s a little background:&nbsp;</p><p>The Dell team has some pretty sweet t-shirts planned for this competition, which benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. Even if you’re not on a team, I highly recommend you attend as a spectator, donate a few bucks at the door, and cheer on your favorite group of dodgeball maniacs. It’s always a fun time.Keepin’ it VirtualIf you’re like me, you may not be in attendance this year, but you’ll be following along closely online – and especially on Twitter, where the conversations tend to be lively. Be sure to keep track of the #Dell and #VMworld hashtags next week to join in the conversation. And of course continue to watch this space for news and updates from Dell next week.And lastly, if you can’t make it to VMworld, I hope that you can join us in Austin October 18-20 at Dell World 2016.last_img read more

The Time is Now for Moving to 25GbE

first_imgThere’s never been a better time to adopt 25GbE, both from a technology and an economic perspective.It’s no secret that broader technology shifts require substantially more network bandwidth. Just to name a few, these include:Virtualization in all its forms – server, storage, network, desktopIncreasing use of and demand for video/streamingIoT requiring near real-time response rates across the networkNumerous and varied cloud architecturesNew infrastructure options such as multi-core processing, NVMe, PCIe 3.0 and high speed flash storage need increased throughputAs organizations push more traffic into their enterprise and private data centers, and with bigger “pipes” coming into the enterprise, more bandwidth is also required as data moves down across the fabric or top-of-rack switches (ToR). The bulk of today’s data center top-of-rack (ToR) switches support 10GbE connections in the rack and connect to higher speed 40/100GbE fabrics. The next step in the evolution is for in-rack connectivity to move from 10GbE to 25GbE and for fabric uplinks to move from 40GbE to 100GbE.The Economic Advantages of 25GbE at the Top-Of-RackThe availability of 25GbE switches and adapters has changed the economics of upgrading server-to-switch connectivity. New 25GbE chips use the same class of cables as 10GbE but deliver 2.5 times the performance, while using the same number of lanes as 10GbE on the ASIC chip. That means 25GbE switches can be produced very cost-effectively.Using a single lane on a switch or adapter, 25GbE ports also compare favorably to 40GbE technology that requires four lanes. Deploying 25GbE networks also enables organizations to significantly reduce the required number of switches and cables — along with space, power and cooling — compared to similar bandwidth solutions using 10GbE and 40GbE technology. Fewer network components reduce ongoing management and maintenance costs while more efficiently utilizing servers already in place.Most important, with 25/50/100GbE multi-rate connectivity, enterprises now have a path to 100GbE that is non-disruptive, can be implemented today and provides economical steps along the way. Considering the economics, it is no surprise that the move to 25GbE (and 50GbE) is accelerating — a recent five-year forecast by industry analyst Dell’Oro Group predicts 25GbE will deliver a significant amount of Ethernet bandwidth by 2018.Key customer benefits of 25GbE with Dell EMC Networking:Run your business applications and services faster with 5X the throughput with similar economics to 10GbEFuture-proof your infrastructure with backwards compatibility to 10GbE and easier migration to 100GbERealize economic advantages on both cost and revenue generation using an open networking architecture It runs on a pair of cables just like 10GbE, so moving to 25GbE does not require any cabling infrastructure upgrades—it is fully compatible with the existing 10GbE infrastructure.In addition to implementing new technologies, many IT organizations are tasked with decreasing their CAPEX and OPEX expenditures and resources. IT departments are taking a hard look at making their data centers more efficient and simplifying operational and maintenance activities across the board. The push behind these mandated reductions vary from changing economic conditions to government requirements for green initiatives.With the recent introduction of the Dell EMC Networking S5048F-ON, we are committed to making 25GbE networking widely accessible. So much so that for a limited time, we’re introducing 25GbE for the price of 10GbE. Now that’s networking math that anyone can understand.last_img read more

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform Enables Insights for Streaming Data from the Edge

first_imgStreaming Data Creates Massive Potential for Organizations Across IndustriesAccording to IDC, more than a quarter of data created in the global datasphere will be real-time in nature by 2025.[i] Much of that data will come from the edge, originate from sensors, cameras and drones, and come in the form of a continuous data stream.Streaming data creates additional complexities in the already intricate world of unstructured data. With its tendency to vary in volume and boundaries and with timestamps that can fluctuate out of order, the need for a Data First infrastructure – where organizations know exactly where their data is and how to harness its full potential – becomes more critical than ever. While this type of data has the potential to drive significant innovation within an organization, it also presents those that work closely with enterprise infrastructures with a host of challenges. These challenges can include managing multiple infrastructures, dealing with data inconsistency risks and creating a time-consuming process for application developers.Imagine providing your developers and operators with a platform purpose-built for them to ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data. Imagine monitoring anomalies in a manufacturing line, an energy field or railroad tracks through sensors – abnormalities of livestock, airplanes and shipping containers tracked through drone video feed – or the ability to adjust traffic lights depending on volume or detect security threats through video streams. These are just a few of the possibilities when an organization creates a Data First infrastructure focused on a proper streaming data foundation.Capture the Streaming Opportunity with Dell EMC Streaming Data PlatformTo help customers turn this unique set of infrastructure challenges into opportunities for deeper business insights, Dell Technologies is introducing the Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform. This all new software offering enables ingestion and analytics of real-time streaming edge data in the data center.With the release of this enterprise-ready platform, organizations now have access to a single solution for all their data (whether streaming or not) that provides auto-scaling ingestion, tiered storage with historical recall on-demand and unified analytics for both real-time and historical business insights.Re-Designing Complicated Infrastructures with an Out-of-the-Box SolutionAs many organizations have begun to address the rise in streaming data by creating additional infrastructure solutions, they have inadvertently created duplicate data silos along the way that each require individual implementation, management, security and analysis. The Streaming Data Platform unifies those infrastructures into one out-of-the-box solution to streamline data and its management for actionable insights.The software platform provides enterprise-grade security and serviceability and is built on open-source technologies such as Kubernetes for orchestration, Apache Flink for real-time and historical query processing and Pravega for ingestion and publish-subscribe. The Streaming Data Platform empowers innovation far into the future – creating a programming model that reduces application development time, giving your team more time to focus on innovation and the next level of business needs.Improving Workflows and Outcomes Enterprise-WideAs a platform that enables insights to drive innovation, the Streaming Data Platform enables a wealth of opportunities to endless industries – from retail, to agriculture, to automotive and the energy sector. Example uses of this technology include the real-time & historical analysis of video and telemetry streams to monitor livestock health or manage planning of large construction projects. One customer, RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, creates research projects for nearby small businesses – allowing them to reap the rewards of research that creates more efficiency, deeper insights and frees up time to enable innovation in use cases like the manufacturing example above. “The reduction of management needed to operate the software system and [Streaming Data Platform] stack is crucial … to ease the work of developers and minimize hard DevOps skill requirements,” said Philipp Niemietz, Head of Digital Technologies Research Group at RWTH.Addressing the Streaming Data ChallengeWhen one thinks of enterprise storage, file and object are likely the first categories that come to mind. But with the rise of real-time data, it’s clear that in the years to come, storage solutions for streaming data will become a critical need in the enterprise.If 2020 is the year you need to finally tackle your streaming data goals by simplifying your operations, deriving deeper insights, or enabling more time for innovation, we encourage you to learn more about Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform by visiting our website or contacting us. You can also join the conversation using the hashtag #StreamingDataPlatform.[i] IDC: Worldwide Storage for Big Data and Analytics Forecast, 2017–2021, September 2017last_img read more

Court filing: Man agrees to plead guilty to conspiracy in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

first_imgDETROIT (AP) — Court filing: Man agrees to plead guilty to conspiracy in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.last_img

Deadliest virus month piles strain on Portugal’s government

first_imgLISBON, Portugal (AP) — The pressure appears to be getting to Portugal’s government after almost two weeks at the top of the world rankings of daily new COVID-19 cases and deaths by size of population. Recent flubs include mixed government messages on mask types and online teaching. Regular pandemic news conferences have been discontinued, and there is scant official information on what foreign help is coming. A health chief retorted that finding fault with government pandemic planning is “criminal.” Those episodes have combined to put the Portuguese government politically on the ropes in recent days, as the country takes stock of last month’s devastating pandemic surge.last_img read more