n Chongqing beauty pageant event as an example to see the long tail keywords mining method



Chongqing beauty incident caused in the online search volume is also very raise a Babel of criticism of, rise, become a hot event. In Shanghai Dragon Mining long tail keywords is very important today to Chongqing pageant event for the analysis of several cases of mining long tail keywords.

many people search the Internet will first ask questions, or search keywords, we can find some long tail keywords asked sentence. For example: "Chongqing beauty three which is a few", "Chongqing pageant runner up is who", we should also consider the website optimization keywords provided ask sentence. The common to ask what good products, where to sell a product name, price, and other sales locations into account as long tail keywords. read more

Shanghai dragon Er accurate positioning it is important to find their way

four: a lot of training and related training industry is very good, the market prospect is very broad. Before the web development, software development and training.

Shanghai dragon !

two, Shanghai dragon er: company specializes in many companies now recognize the importance of Shanghai dragon company, and set up their own special recruitment network, it is mainly the Shanghai dragon. Their mission is simple: to open a sales company products on the network channel. Shanghai dragon Er professional to do is enterprise website product ranking, every post the link. The Shanghai dragon Er have different division of labor, each have their own tasks to complete. But small businesses in general, many one or two people are doing, basically a person to do all the work. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are individual stationmaster origin. read more