n Chongqing beauty pageant event as an example to see the long tail keywords mining method

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Chongqing beauty incident caused in the online search volume is also very raise a Babel of criticism of, rise, become a hot event. In Shanghai Dragon Mining long tail keywords is very important today to Chongqing pageant event for the analysis of several cases of mining long tail keywords.

many people search the Internet will first ask questions, or search keywords, we can find some long tail keywords asked sentence. For example: "Chongqing beauty three which is a few", "Chongqing pageant runner up is who", we should also consider the website optimization keywords provided ask sentence. The common to ask what good products, where to sell a product name, price, and other sales locations into account as long tail keywords.



general questions will search ask or love Shanghai know, we can go there and see how people are questioning the query, the. Take Chongqing as an example of beauty. You can see online more than three is the name, or judges, are more popular colloquial. Such as "who" is Chongqing beauty three, "Chongqing beauty which is three three provoke controversy". Do not use complex sentences, simple sentences are, will not use uncommon words or sentences. Few people ask "Chongqing beauty pageant name", "Yang Anqi, count the lady" · · · · · · · classical Chinese, words, phrases, sentence Shengpi etc. These are few people ask. For the long tail keywords is not a question, we can refer to the relevant search for love in Shanghai. Compared to find suitable own long tail keywords.

2, questioning

Chongqing beauty pageant event just came out, you can do some popular keywords prediction, such as: Chongqing, Chongqing, three beauty beauty pageant Chongqing three insider, these words as long as there is a little sensitivity are easy to think of. It can expand your mind, beauty will predict Chongqing dragged out of the people or events, such as three makeup like. Some photography website, beauty network, women can use these key words to make a fuss, can bring some clicks and traffic, it also involves how to use hot events to bring traffic in Shanghai Longfeng, we now say is keyword mining, do not pull so much.


mining is a method of long tail keywords and keyword guess, think of yourself as a civilian search, stand in the public’s point of view to how search. Keywords general as hot events, news sources must concern, Chongqing beauty events out of the news source "heavy"


, 1 popular keywords prediction

3, imitation

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