Keywords SEM strategy dig the user pain points

16 Sep 2017 admin

to Shanghai dragon training industry as an example, if you need to find the Shanghai dragon needs of customers, we can make a classification for the customer source, in the purchase of Shanghai dragon training products users, has just graduated from work, or work less than half a year in Shanghai Longfeng industry accounted for 70% of the volume of business, and for the customer advisory conversion rate is very high, so we put this part of customers as our core user group.



, 2 graduating students and past students to more than 5 5

1, college professional courses is not good, seeking a professional with hooks, but not so professional and related work, and the Shanghai dragon professional is a computer professional, this time we can put the crowd positioning further reduced to some college computer professional (demand)

through this analysis we can see that most of the customers are being forced by the school or college is not so willing to return home, to find such a job. Detailed analysis of the following, the whole game, bubble girl students, want to find them really prohibitively difficult, but few can take the initiative to contact us to do the training is less and less, so what they often go to the place where the answer is: Inetnet. As long as they soak in the network, and now so strong for the BAT ability of data analysis, is sure to run away.

3, love playing computer in the bedroom, in most of the time spent in the computer (in

The proportion of

in order to understand our customers, to achieve a precise positioning search, we do some investigation and get a conclusion: the absolute

so it will be easier, we develop specific.

this time, we can try from the initial stage of the needs of users, to extend the basic needs of the user may, through these basic needs, to expand our keyword clustering.

dig the needs of users to search, not just for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is a necessary skill for SEM practitioners, it is very important, because I did Shanghai dragon and SEM related work, so for this at the same time have a keyword mining, more in-depth understanding.

when we love Shanghai phoenix nest system of precision marketing (note here is the precise matching, rather than broad match keywords), we matched to the most of them are synonyms, such as core keywords we established is the hotel, this time, we have the key words: XXX Hotel, XXX Hotel, XXX hotel reservations and other similar words, if so, when we carry out precision marketing, keyword mining will be a bottleneck, how do we need to solve such problems as much as possible the mining can cause pain points users using the keyword

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