Lu Cong learn to use the data to analyze the Shanghai Dragon

16 Sep 2017 admin

always heard friends think, Shanghai is paid special attention to the content of love. Since the blog opened, has been feeling. But to experience their own analysis let me more determined something. At the end of last week, because out of the reason why not update the site outside the chain, of course also not to do. Check No. 5.27 spiders visit record. The number of love Shanghai and noble baby spiders visiting are very pretty. Is that two days not updated, back Sunday night, began to update the article. Later, the spider visit records have great changes. You can see a few days later the spider visit record. Of course, accompanied by a decline in Shanghai ranked love, I analyze these data and get some ideas, love Shanghai search engine focusing on the user experience and content of the original content, correlation. This is also the author of the blog love Shanghai important reason for frequent visiting spider. Drop love Shanghai ranked, personal feeling has began to decrease in the quality of the chain, so the love Shanghai dropped.


may have a wrong title I feel small. Yes, Google is the "note". Has been quite strong dependence on Google foreign chain, so in my blog on the show. From the beginning of 5.28, decline leads to the reduction of the noble baby spiders visit times outside the chain, sometimes a day to less than 10 times. This is a terrible signal. You do is Chinese station, the main sex Shanghai search engine, but it does not mean you can give up the noble baby. Of course, also see blog Google keywords ranking drop >

A, Shanghai and

speak with data in the webmaster world the most powerful feeling is 28tui the changqing. Like Lu Songsong opened a so his age. Now with the data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng. Perhaps every Er Shanghai dragon will think of him. Today I’m also recently in Shanghai Longfeng data analysis. Is the author of the blog, of course with the blog ranking drop, although is small, perhaps you already know the practice of feeling but only practical. On the site before the program with a view to love Shanghai, noble baby spiders visit record.

B, Google

Mu founder love

recently seems to be a bit of a mess, with a bit of the blog ranking dropped, I can watch the better search engine and dynamic changes, but these are the eternal topic. Shanghai Longfeng only know the search engine can really make the temper. Before that evaluation of love in Shanghai is actually said that the stationmaster life attached to love Shanghai and other search engines exist, if the search engine really angry, let’s webmaster only be out. So for the analysis of the search engine is inevitable, sometimes see other webmasters share their research theory, can admire, of course there will be a question, so I always want to go to study is not correct. The phrase "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth is yes.

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