No site optimization of the chain power what else can we do

16 Sep 2017 admin

to a website, the website data in addition to the daily observation, we also do a good optimization, the better data, users access to more and better love our site.

for a good website, whether it is from the user’s point of view, or search engine, the internal structure is a key point, especially some of the more details of what is most likely to be ignored, a very big risk but also affect the development of the website. I like www.taohyd贵族宝贝 because it is the use of an old domain name directly to do new sites, and before there are a lot of pages indexed by search engines, and have a good ranking, many users through the website and I not related pages into my website, found an error page, it will directly turn off, but if I do a 404 page, you will find that there are many users will have the page to enter my website, understand the new website. Here Xiaobian only use for a simple 404 page, but it is still a lot of small details, such as navigation design, page template design and so on are part of the internal optimization, so we should pay attention to it, found the problem immediately corrected.

(a) to do the marketing work optimization.

with love in Shanghai a few days ago released outside the chain of judgment, believe that every webmaster can deeply feel the chain of the road more and more narrow, so this time I believe that many owners are in a confused state, but after every day after updating the website, we can do what really? At this time, I think we should pay more attention to the work site within the web page optimization, to ensure enough by the user’s favorite, so a good user experience of the website, love Shanghai will be based on user behavior judgment fell in love with your site, so as to enhance the weight of your site’s ranking.

we do some optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, actually site to enhance their brand value is a very important key, so that even the day after no search engine, our website still can live very well, so at this point, Xiaobian to a website, you can according to their own conditions and often hold some marketing value activities, for example that we do is a local forum, this time we can through some local cafes, supermarkets, bars and a series of high traffic areas, to paste ads or we settled in, using their own unique consumer advocate, the many people know about our site and our products, so that it can be very good to enhance our brand value, of course, there are many ways, everyone You can imagine the play, play talent.

in fact for this problem is related to the site of PV value and the bounce rate.

(two) to optimize the internal structure of the site.

(three) to the optimization of observation data.

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