Three prominent venture capital circle is about to change signal Scrumpt launched a secure lunch del

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in business development, in addition to distribution side, the greater challenge is that the supply of ingredients and central production plants, etc., also need the first time planning.


secondly, a few?

The United States

, the first signal is "in fact, the investment community is not bad money,"

Scrumpt co-founder Bri James, Scrumpt in the past, the food is not convenient to eat, but also did not consider the health factors for parents, still need to the convenience store to purchase food preparing lunch for children. Therefore, this new action of Scrumpt is actually a strategy adjustment after trial and error, and it depends on the "convenience + health" strategy to increase user stickiness.

Scrumpt, a San Francisco start-up, mainly provides food distribution services for children. Initially, Scrumpt’s services were limited to long-term preservation and non perishable children’s food. In addition, it was only a supplementary food. Recently, Scrumpt launched a children’s health lunch ordering service.

the second signal is "money can’t go out",

throughout the year 2016, almost no decent investment projects come out, you can say, "the first half of the Internet is over," this argument is very appropriate. All investors have a feeling, in the second half, in addition to part of the early layout of cutting-edge technology, more opportunities are how to use new technology to upgrade the traditional industries.

first, Scrumpt entry is the vertical field of children’s food business in the vertical field, the target group is single, whether it is for the customer or marketing costs to lower, and can take care of the specific needs of users in product development, and further the formation of a difference in the product.

in the new services, Scrumpt will provide parents with a one-stop solution for the child’s lunch, parents need only weekly subscription menu according to the Scrumpt Scrumpt menu, according to the user’s home delivery order information. Scrumpt’s spring menu includes 14 categories of food, including staple foods, fruit, yogurt, etc., and the weekly package costs $36.

market, Blue Apron, Hello Chef and Sun Basket and other food distribution service providers to throw in the new market for growth, food distribution to fierce market competition, is the giant battle. But for the time being, Scrumpt is not going to have a problem of homogenization.


Since the beginning of the 2015

at this stage, all food distribution by Scrumpt’s own team is responsible, 500~1000 weekly delivery service can be completed. However, due to the current Scrumpt business coverage only relates to the bay area region, the next stage plans to expand into southern California, even to the country, the scale of the business, how to operate the distribution team, expand or distribution business and professional service team will be the first choice of its own Scrumpt face.

Ding Younian, the day of venture capital may be changing,

jeongyujaeran Eph, all spring, in the past 2016, by many people as the capital of winter, but inside it, but it has a different feel, on the one hand to see many organizations is not difficult to raise money, on the other hand, there are many early overvalued items appear, then how will this 2017. Here, I think, there are three obvious signal needs investment circles especially a market focus, may day, should be changed.

foreign exchange control in recent years the most stringent restrictions, since the second half of last year, your circle of friends is more or less a variety of "foreign exchange control messages brush" circle, attracted netizens There were many discussions. Affluent overseas to buy a house, buy insurance, Hongkong seems to be very difficult, while domestic investment channels have become increasingly narrow.

by the end of September 2016, the relevant statistics disclosure reached 3 trillion and 300 billion Chinese government guide fund size, estimated by the end of last year at least 3.8-4 trillion yuan of scale.

Founded in 2014,

, showing growth spurt of domestic government to guide the number and the size of the Fund: new year 2015 government guide fund for 297, the fund size of 1 trillion and 508 billion 996 million yuan, respectively in 2014 to guide the fund number and fund size of 2.83 times and 5.22 times; at the end of September 2016, the number and size of the new fund guide was established in 2016 close to the 2015 level.

is in this context, there is a signal that is Chinese banks began to try the first batch of "a large number of venture capital loan pilot, government guide funds admission, and admission to the traditional banking sector, in fact, will let the agencies feel" fund-raising seems easy ", the market would move one billion or even tens of billions of funds that is to say, It is often seen. began, in fact, more money".

I was in September last year the Silicon Valley innovation entrepreneur summit to the participants of the Silicon Valley venture capital industry to introduce the digital scene, some of the Silicon Valley VC that translation may put the decimal points wrong, also deliberately confirm, confirm this number after Silicon Valley peers be struck dumb equivalent to the size of last year, the UK annual GDP 2016 in the world fifth 20%.

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