On the four we need to avoid the misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon Society

16 Sep 2017 admin


first of all we need to know what is the society of Shanghai dragon? Society Shanghai dragon is a combination of social media and the Shanghai dragon. These two aspects are intertwined. A fragment of the marketing strategy, brand strategy and information will dilute your confusion. However, when you take advantage of social media marketing and Shanghai dragon, does not mean that there is no what problem, you should be careful to avoid misunderstandings among them. Today I simply share four wrong views four Dragon Society in Shanghai.

four: the wrong audience

One of the basic

with the development of social networking, some enterprises began to think, do a site as well as the use of social media to a more convenient, save resources, so some companies decided to move to the center of gravity from the enterprise social network site. This move is fatal for an enterprise. You can’t have a real social network business page. Social networking sites have the right tube variable your page or warning your page. But we cannot be sure that a social networking site can long exist, there are a lot of uncertain factors.

: social media as a carrier of

three: that they can "blockbuster"

please don’t take you as your social media advertising platform products sales. Interactive social media is not driven by the consumer. Social media is a promote interaction and participation with your target audience, and then through the promotion of sharing your content, and finally to establish a platform for online brand presence. This is not your advertisement media. If your social media is only as a selling your product or service platform, so I can not say no one will "listen".

social media and Shanghai dragon are the same as needs a long process. So as a business you don’t think you can "". Many companies eager to see the rate of return on investment, but for the society of Shanghai Longfeng it is not immediately see. Shanghai dragon society needs a long-term stable work. Remember that social media is to create a real relationship with real people. You cannot force who interact with your company online, it takes a lot of time to do a building.

two: people will replace your social media site

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marketing is to identify and understand your target audience. But in today’s society of Shanghai dragon, you not only need to know who your target audience is, you also need to know their online behavior is what. If you like to sell a product you need to know your target audience is how to access the Internet? They will visit what type of website? What type they love social networking site? How are they looking for things? Better know your target audience how to interact with the Internet will help you in the best way you site.

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