How to use the 5 1 holiday to get traffic

12 Sep 2017 admin

Keywords a number in the right position to

do get flow, including is a vision. Who have a long-term vision, who will be able to get a lot of traffic. With the 5.1 Labor Day comes, will certainly have a lot of friends to search 5.1 holiday arrangements for 2011 this term, we in the long tail keywords as an example, if we can put the word optimization to love Shanghai before a few, and why not to flow? But note that want to do this flow, we will be in 5.1 years ago, and even said a few months ago will do. As the date approached, the search volume will be more and more, by an article may be difficult to go up, as I write this article right now if you want to do this word that is certainly no, just say a truth.

2, the reasonable layout of

3, the quality of the chain construction

short, flow everywhere, it is important to you by what way, how to grab traffic, vision + original article + keywords + reasonable layout of high quality the chain, do these 4 points, you will certainly not miss the traffic.

in writing of the original articles, and pay attention to the density of keywords, must be the key words in the title, as we all know, the search engine spiders from top to bottom, from left to climb and crawl the page information to the right, so site optimization time must pay attention to, the more in front of the weight is high, the search engine ranking is in front.


1, the original article and vision

will need to do to yourself, let to point to your article through this keyword more sites, the best is the high quality of the chain, the chain had better not waste, frequent signals from a source network to search engine spiders will thank God, love Shanghai, this is also a great the role of ranking to improve and stability.


often listen to many of my friends say their stand no flow, the webmaster all day the busy all day, nor the number of IP, so how do we get traffic? Electric district to discuss how to catch the flow.

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