Nonsense pull the four search engines in the development trend of circle

12 Sep 2017 admin

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is most closely associated with the current grassroots webmaster department, in 2013 Webmaster Platform held 6 talks, traveled to several city the most concentrated business groups. Largely preach love Shanghai search technology, let more people treat every change of love from the front of the Shanghai algorithm. In 2013, Shanghai love every change in the algorithm has not be like in 2012 caused tens of thousands of webmaster group and the attack of the situation. Although not the money the Department, but basically to love Shanghai search set a positive image through 2-3 years of efforts, let love Shanghai every time algorithm becomes "tall". That love Shanghai for Webmaster Platform point activity funds.

is expected to launch a few years love Shanghai Webmaster Platform functions will be more "human", "noble baby", also love Shanghai will further contact with the owners, the city will increase the number of lectures (Chengdu, Xiamen, Xi’an) is probably one of the goals.

With the 2013

2, Sogou – potential


2013 station after the meeting, Sogou specially in Sanlitun bartenders field to Beijing station, this is my first time in contact with Sogou, know a lot of friends.

1, Shanghai siege

continue to love

(pictured love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Shanghai "love Shanghai night" salon, the speaker is the mysterious team Lee spokesman Wang Tao

I have a narrow range of knowledge, only small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and webmasters groups, speak not comprehensive please bear with me, this is not about just talk about the trend of Shanghai dragon. Because of the two contact more, or to talk about the development of two years and four major search engines (aspects) and pull. Each search engine starts down from the development channels, win more and more grassroots daniel.

unfortunately reception station in Sogou at the same time, the love of Shanghai is 200 meters away to another reception station. Is coincidental or intentional? I don’t know. Because the two host owners, entrepreneurs are highly coincident. The stationmaster Congress night, a group of people is "running soy sauce", like King, Guo Jijun and A5 on the busy awfully mad hadron. I and Mou Changqing also ran back and forth in the bar. < >

love Shanghai alliance, love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics sharing, SiteApp, advertising housekeeper, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, promotion index ranking, developer center, mobile statistics, love Shanghai and almost all the webmaster related tools and services, according to this trend, even Chinese aunt can be a in the field of mobile internet.


search into Sogou, support Tencent贵族宝贝 Sogou, Sogou market share will not rise too much (ha ha, people do not split the storm). But in 2013 Lu Songsong was felt in Sogou circle, business circle network expansion.

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