Website optimization blind user experience than good intentions

12 Sep 2017 admin

yesterday (February 19, 2013) with the on-line algorithm Scindapsus love Shanghai love Shanghai, once again stressed the link trading is cheating Shanghai Longfeng behavior, and for the sale and buy links directly punished, and also stated that the "Shanghai Long Fengchao chain cheating" optimization, so love from Shanghai once again updated we can see love Shanghai remediation waste site and pure as the optimization and optimization site determination, so in 2013 we go blind and do some optimization work, as well as the intentions to do user experience.

website online, often requires us to organize reasonable internal structure of the site settings, especially the theme of the site must be clear, not to let the user through your website to find some keywords, and your site content has no value, this website is not a little for users, not to mention the user experience. And for the consolidation of the site design, as much as we can make it beautiful, simple and easy. For example our website LOGO, in the design of the time we need to let the user see it knows what is our website. There is a website for color and appearance must comply with the arrangement style, and the site structure and theme to meet the user’s habits, such as site navigation, classification, search box, row column list and so on. Of course, there are still some details also need our attention, such as the bottom of the article can add "a" "next" link, and recommend some relevant content and other content to better attract users to visit our website.


(a) the text in the website contains too many pictures.

(two) the internal structure of the website must set reasonable.

for the user experience, this is not a perfect one, we only stand in the user’s point of view our website, so as to improve step by step to enhance the user experience. The following small misunderstanding of several user experience for everyone.

Although Before we

for the text website a lot, we all know is mainly in the form of text to show what you want to say, but with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade to the original content of the increasingly high demand, the development of writing websites has been greatly troubled, many owners are chosen in the article add a large number of pictures and add keywords this form in the ALT property to show. Indeed, it is able to get good rankings, but this practice is contrary to the principle of user experience, because this time just to optimize, perfunctory to publish articles, the user is not really needed, so this article will undoubtedly make users looking to stop, even if you get a good website article now the ranking, but Shanghai would love to visit your website according to user data to adjust the ranking.

(three) the content of the website has real value.

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