n the selection and skills of Website Title Keyword

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The first point:


here I think everyone can understand, what you do is what type of website, such as: fashion information, entertainment gossip, click games, web games and so on, as a novice webmaster positioning clear some suggestions, such as I do the game information, game information includes: click the game, small game, "games, online games, video games and so on, so you need to find a suitable for their own, do not say I want to do the game station, then" what type papapa "what game do, very difficult to do it (not absolute, only relative). So the positioning must be clear, to be with

is not very good, is such a thing, I hope you pay attention to, ha ha! (9U8U web game: 贵族宝贝9u8u.co>

finally remind everybody do the transformation key must be careful, only when you feel that the site can be the time of transition, after a comprehensive search engine and other major data to modify the title, otherwise easy to lose may say

after the Mid Autumn Festival, and many people feel loose! This is a problem most webmaster can make easy, lax or lazy! I haven’t write about their perseverance ah. Embarrassed。 Well, here we talk about selecting the site title keyword skills:


most of the new Adsense may have a misunderstanding, that is to choose the keyword index too do not go up, and for the more than 1000 index keyword and no interest, don’t flow! So often a long time can not do the top! I want to say here and the veteran, support the station to do long tail keyword selection about 1000 of the index, can be the first good! I used to do "game station, if the choice of" game "this keyword is certainly not desirable, then choose the" game list 2011 "is not terribly unremarkable keywords? Proved to do the first traffic or good, but the conversion rate is high! So to remind you to choose their own, do not eat fat!

third: the transformation of the keyword

second: Title keywords

! !

look small title may not be very clear, the transformation of key words mentioned here refers to when the site has a certain reputation and weight began to transition into the transition process or change the portal brand keywords here! For example: for example, I said before do "game list 2011" such keywords "9U8U", later modified to become the first portal game web game "! Why did you do this? There are 2 main points: 1, the original keyword traffic began to decline, will be close to 2012. 2, the site itself has accumulated users began to transition to the portal site, more authoritative and brand


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