Noble baby Postrank highlights social factors acquired importance to Shanghai Dragon

12 Sep 2017 admin

we first look at the noble baby itself, its social field of lost again and again is not what news, it seems those engineers great nobility baby too Indoorsman and not good at socializing, half-dead Orkut do not know how long can hold in Brazil, India, to know the current Facebook users the fastest growing place is India. The noble baby Buzz users are more is love automatically output by twitter or feeds, the real release of information on the web only accounted for about 10%, is an information storage, and can not be called a social networking service. The latest release of the noble baby +1 did not cause too much sensation, maybe we think of the noble baby is always focused on this aspect of the search, only some of the technology blog made some sporadic reports, the real use of the site is not much, but +1 users open the channel does not have two kinds, one is add in the nobility baby Profile, two is to open through the third party website button. For ordinary users, especially now that the pure fool operation of the age of the Internet users, is undoubtedly a bad news, even if there are some fans who will go to use, but accounted for the total number of users, only rarely considered a part of. At present in the nobility baby to promote its noble baby Account, hope that users can use other services more to stay in their account, this is very complicated to their own social products mainly concentrated in the accounts Gmail this one.

acquisition of Google. Maybe this is a news for some people, but if the in-depth analysis, you can dig out a lot of useful things, the importance of social networking in the Shanghai dragon in

baby in the social noble after all is said and done, this one is a failure, at least for now indeed. But this is a product of social era, the most direct social era in addition to friends, there is little information. As a search engine, is the most important information, not only to the whole, but also to the new, not only to the new, but also to be trusted – all friends created the concept of real-time recommendation based on current social search. The noble baby combines Twitter with Bing and Facebook, at first I thought it was a windfall, later learned that this is early in the morning they have cooperative relations, know Bing will be officially recommended Facebook friends into the search results. At this point, the noble baby lost, may have a comparative analysis of a variety of network information, but the Facebook value is higher than twitter, Facebook information can be described as "content", and twitter the most information can be called the "title" is the more search engines need content. >


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