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11 Sep 2017 admin

2. habit memory and word of mouth

love Shanghai = = love search, search Shanghai

you obviously do security software, what search ah, while the children play. What? What the hell do not need to search safe?


this is more interesting. Now we need to search something will be used to say "love Shanghai", "Baidu", "Baidu love", Shanghai is in this way let love Shanghai = search "firmly rooted in the minds of users.

so you can see, the 360 search, the user is not cold cold?

when we consider the change of brand image, we will consider what

this habit memory is through product details on the improvement and completion of the user by word of mouth.

QQ/ WeChat =QQ/ WeChat

· positioning Trout speaking, each brand has a keyword in the minds of users, BAT’s success is to do the most commonly used Internet information search, social chat, shopping several needs to do the equivalent of their own brand.

love Shanghai is doing the search when there was a particularly clever experience: the search button is not called "search", which is called "love Shanghai".

What is the user’s mental keyword

but there’s still a user:


"贵族宝贝so贵族宝贝" and "haosou贵族宝贝".

Alibaba is a Alibaba (= the electricity supplier, electricity supplier for Jingdong of the electricity supplier keywords continued penetration effect)


3. domain name

= chat, chat ;

take a look at the 360 good search, how clever really learned

search is the search, the 360 is safe, do not affect each other.


you don’t look down upon the mind, the brand occupation power, the key words in the minds of users playing hard, it is more difficult to change / remove. So 360 of the search business if you want to pick up, you must go to 360 of at least 360! Good search and desalination of the relationship between the brand.

brand occupy the mind

BAT three although the business variety, almost into a whole field of state intervention.

360 occupied? Is a "safe", two is "rogue". The former is the key to the rise of the latter is 360, these 360 years continuously in the industry fought down disease root, this life can’t get rid of.

This is Jack



look at the common point of the two search engines:


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