Behind the site snapshot stagnation does not matter hidden dangers big opportunity

11 Sep 2017 admin

in the website development process, can not avoid several revisions, the revision including template replacement, optimization keywords, title. The above points are seriously affecting the normal search engine index revision, the revision will often appear a few days or even several days of "sandbox" period.

although the chain for the emperor, but the chain is really better? There is an unwritten rule in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, generally does not recommend doing a lot of the chain in a short period of time, unless have a high weight website. Why so many analysis? Practice has proved that the general site if suddenly hundreds or thousands of the chain increases, there will be a "sandbox" phenomenon. As a child suddenly get a few hundred dollars, others see is not considered to be stolen? The construction of the chain optimization in search engine, although some funny, but also so.

What is the website

sandbox phenomenon? Usually stay for a long time the website snapshot, not timely updates. When the ranking is also unsatisfactory, even a serious decline in the rankings of the phenomenon, generally considered "right down" performance. However, the website snapshot is really sandbox is harmful? We want to say is that the search engine sandbox if used properly, hidden opportunities are more likely to become the cornerstone of promotion website ranking.

website optimization that simple, but hard to say, the search engine sandbox is a typical performance. Deliberately avoid, but unavoidable; but it is not easy to appear optimization. So what makes the sandbox appear, what will the sandbox hidden opportunities? First emphasized, for cheating phenomenon here do not produce sandbox analysis.

web server is directly related to the development of the website, not polite to say, even if you do cattle station, if not a good server, the final work not completed no exaggeration. In the website construction and optimization of the process, content, structure, if the chain optimization in place, but there is still a "sandbox" phenomenon, to find the reason is caused by the server. The search engine is not stable, easy for spiders to bring what kind of harm? Open slow cause index failed or "semi index", which resulted in the structure of the website in the website snapshot optimization is not complete, or always face again and again to failure, spiders gradually lose appetite.

B: the

: why is there a sandbox phenomenon

server access problem is seriousThe stability of the

D: a long time not to update the

for a constantly updated website, search engines will be more attention, even in the article also can achieve the effect. However, on the other hand, for a long time not to update the website, the website snapshot time will be more slowly, even in the last update, website snapshot to long time stay. After.

A: a serious impact on Revision of the website

C: short time increased the amount of chain

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