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11 Sep 2017 admin

brand, adjust the search engines love Shanghai most recently to the timeliness of the micro-blog high weight good ranking, this is in addition to increase the weight of micro-blog, sends a signal to us, to be able to provide real-time information of the site, search engine will also improve the rankings, in order to be able to let the user get the latest information. Is your website can.

In addition to the

of course in addition to these, there are some other search volume is not a lot of keywords and website, compares some ranking in the second page website snapshot, whether the chain or included or PR, are inferior to every guest, Martha Marceau these sites, but the ranking is not as good as they. The only advantage is that they have a good ranking only name of the site, and not for a web site keywords ranking up name, with regular point words they do not have the website brand. In fact, think about it, so many sites are doing some of the same areas of competition, and the core of search words and there is not much difference, so it is possible for them to cause a lot of website name is repeated, so the search engine is no way to identify which one is really in line with the needs of users station, there is no way to give good rankings, and the website with the brand, also is to the site with a unique attribute identification, search engine nature is very easy to distinguish, give good rankings is needless to say. Therefore, the future development direction of the website that all will be brand station, whether your station is large or small, must have a unique identifier to the brand.


well, there may be many recent industry gradually tend to the ranking of the word attributes of brand website, such as where the customer, Martha Marceau’s "men" "dress", the Jingdong store, making shoes, "shoes" and "dream bazaar shoes", even Sohu a channel is about "men" the collocation also ranked in the top.

recently either Google or love Shanghai in search ranking algorithm with minor adjustments, but also to some owners feel at a loss, can not find the site of the direction, how should adjust to the search engine, today Fanfan simply said according to their algorithm to adjust their perception. Advice is a personal opinion, for reference only, on A5 yesterday published a few days ago wrote "interpretation of many sites love Shanghai snapshot of 1028" never thought the reaction is so big, and may do some optimization of the view part of the conflict, after all, is a research and practice, hope you can share learning. The other is yesterday sent the article, today I see, all my examples of well-known sites and site snapshot all became the latest update in November 11, 2011, this is likely to be a stage of stable love Shanghai update in October 28, the distance is exactly 15 days, may also be to love Shanghai in commemoration of this century day. A joke, I will not say more, Fanfan recently will continue to pay attention to the study of the love of Shanghai.

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