Analysis of how to correctly understand the love Shanghai weight

11 Sep 2017 admin

, a "love Shanghai" the weight of the basic performance of

can affect the weights of the factors of love Shanghai website, a little experience is I after years of Shanghai Longfeng accumulation in combat, I >

general query method of love Shanghai included the use of "site:" +url, but the query is not accurate, included in the ranking are in any sort of Shanghai love, do not have to tangle you collected is not less, ranking is not on the home page. If you install the love Shanghai statistics, we can see the real data you love Shanghai included in the statistical background to you.

site in Shanghai love collection

finished in "whether we should care about the love of Shanghai" later, the weight value? I was thinking about that, think it is necessary to weight the concept of love Shanghai more in-depth explanation. Shanghai love weights, can give you a reference, but don’t believe everything! But "love Shanghai weight" is real, it is the love of Shanghai overall evaluation of a web site, like the aristocratic baby PR, Sogou SR, in fact, can be understood as the weight of the same meaning and concept and for the grade to a website. Love Shanghai from the site of the original content, user viscosity, chain and a series of see, can not see the details of the above is a comprehensive evaluation of the website. Different sites, love Shanghai to assess factors of your industry or type will be different, so, not what you used in the optimization of A station method for B station. Next I will elaborate my view:

love Shanghai faster, you can quickly browse through the "snapshot" page content. The snapshot shown above my Shanghai Longfeng blog is "2012-5-7", so this is quite normal phenomenon, if the difference is 3 days or a week, even more long, so you must refuel in optimization. If the snapshot stagnation in one day, the weight of your site is relatively low, has reached the bottom.

website ranking



relatively high weight website, keywords ranking will be relatively in front, and the relevant keywords ranking number will be more, such as the long tail keywords etc..

2, Shanghai


snapshot of loveEach

a lot of people say their website or blog can achieve the "second" love in Shanghai, what explains this? That the weight of the website, the high degree of trust. Shanghai love a spider crawling on your website is very frequent, this general is likely to appear in the news website.

, the two factors influencing the weight of the love of Shanghai "The

was included in "love Shanghai, love the sea will being a pure text backup, called" love Shanghai".

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