Shanghai dragon orders skills nine Follow Up Services Raiders

11 Sep 2017 admin

1, website: when we realize the ranking do specify the location of the break, this time does not mean that the rankings are stable, the stability of the ranking is stable in the end of IP, PV, people dwell time, so if you want the customer’s site is stable, we must also continue to maintain a competitive analysis the opponent, in accordance with the intensity of competition schedule arrangement.

2, further communication and customer communication is the main step: the communication between the client and product knowledge and transform the direction of the problem, because we even communicate with customers a few articles, it may not really understand the product, do not understand the product would not know how to use different properties, the direction of the product, and even maintain a direction, only we fully grasp the details of the products, in order to make more in line with the clients and readers of the article, so as to better improve the conversion rate.


, Follow-Up Services

1, to maintain optimal working state: optimizing the working state is good first we should form the basis of a habit, so in the service process, when your website ranking stable, we can according to the situation of competitors adjust our execution, according to the key properties analysis. How to give the customers get the maximum conversion rate, the change of strategy at the same time, consider for the clients and readers, let us Shanghai dragon play a role, conversion reached Online to Offline.

The importance of

2, the recognition of our customers: the ranking stability does not mean that the actual conversion rate of customers, only after a period of time, the customer can truly realize the transformation; done Shanghai Longfeng list should understand that when customers often push you when that is not what the customer conversion rate, when customers don’t push you. That success has been transformed, (he has no time to hurry you) to achieve this effect, then has achieved the basic stability of the website rankings, maintenance speed can be reduced accordingly.

3, the implementation of extended service: customers in the conversion condition, a customer will increase the additional service for us to know you as long as customers to create profits, and achieve the customer return on investment and the proportion of the customers is also very user-friendly, he will give you the other services or to introduce to you Shanghai Longfeng list. So, friends, good, sincere service for customers, for the reader to consider, then the extended service is a matter of time.

3, ask the customer into effect: when the problem, your conversion firmly for customers to do a good job ranking should be more concerned about is the actual customer to know that we can earn money only the customer side >

two, Shanghai dragon Follow-Up Services what

said Shanghai Longfeng Follow-Up Services, some friends may suddenly say, following what services? Ranking has done, the money on the line, left Shanghai dragon combat down, is not the case, the departure of Shanghai Longfeng to share our Shanghai Longfeng orders, why Follow-Up Services, what specific services

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