Secret some black hat Shanghai dragon core technology optimization

10 Sep 2017 admin

many people may find the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology particularly mysterious, because feel this technique can deceive love Shanghai search engine, to get good rankings in the shortest time site. And in fact now the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology has begun in the twilight, love Shanghai algorithm continuously under the background of the reform, many of the traditional black hat optimization techniques, such as keyword stuffing, pseudo original and black chain is difficult to be used, but there are still some innovation in the Shanghai dragon black hat optimization method, if reasonable use, also can play a good effect.

then realized on the search engine cheat using JS framework technology. Because the JS frame structure to search engine, is essentially to crawl, but also part of recognition in frame structure, but if there is a JS frame structure, then the current love Shanghai search engine or not be able to identify, it gives the black hat optimization technology provides the possibility of. That is to say the use of JS framework technology in the website, some formal content let love Shanghai search, so that love Shanghai search engine that this website is very formal, but in the context of JS can increase a lot of advertising pages, so as not to let the love Shanghai think your site is garbage sites, so as to help increase your site’s ranking.

is to pay attention to the details of the optimization of the black hat, after all, the essence of the optimization of the black hat is not enough to see the sun, if you still want to have sex in Shanghai promotion alliance, that can only show that you are too greedy. The site must be banned in Shanghai to do more advertising, not to introduce love Shanghai statistics, this abnormal love Shanghai will soon be picking up your site there is the use of big data technology, which are right down to your site. >


first we must recognize that now has been difficult to carry out the regular site of Shanghai dragon black hat optimization. Generally the formal keyword itself is very focused on user experience, if you take regular keywords black hat optimization, even have the love Shanghai home, but the user is not satisfied, also not good optimization effect. The background now love Shanghai search engine to enhance the recognition ability of the keywords, want a formal website using the grey keywords, or the third party platform to help you enhance the weight of keywords, the possibility is zero. After all, love Shanghai implicated algorithm to cheat behavior will pay a heavy price, so it is difficult for the normal website, black hat optimization support.

is disguised as a regular website. After all, only the regular site to be able to get the favor and love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm innovation is to combat spam sites, so in the use of black hat optimization technology, need to make the website not only can reflect the formal properties, and can make the site to get good rankings, but also to better provide customers with publicity, so to optimize the use of the JS framework, we must set aside a part of space to optimize the similar regular site so, can effectively improve the site’s ranking.


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