Shanghai dragon how the text in order to achieve the best effect of publicity

10 Sep 2017 admin

of user characteristics is the first step in the high quality of soft Wen, only according to the contents of the article read the user need to organize, and adopt appropriate description in order to achieve the best effect of soft. The more time you spend in this stage, Shanghai dragon soft more can achieve a multiplier effect.

In addition to

a simple example of stationmaster net reading object is mostly male, high following these words and all correlation: enterprising spirit, helpfulness, energetic, and young Hor Mondo, catch the tide, good night, introverted, hard. So what people or things can stimulate? Good money scene, injustice, beauty, the opinions of others, save worry, save money! So, imagine, if there is a beauty of Shanghai dragon wrote an article (picture can be put to feel a little sorry, don’t be exposed to the imagination she just said), space: contact a company website optimization, but the superior is an old woman, she could not do, I hope you will support and give her website some help, I think this will lead to the strong support of the majority of owners love.

must be based on the object oriented soft you choose the platform. A5, a push, the home station platform is really famous, but these groups are mostly reading platform webmaster or Shanghai dragon, not suitable for other industries. So, in the release of the soft, please select suitable for your website platform. The most common is the use of intitle, inurl and other search instructions for search, it is best to use the tools to analyze your website counterparts outside the chain of love Shanghai analysis, from the screen can leave the anchor text quality web site.

second, select the appropriate platform for soft, and the necessary packaging on the release of ID.

want to send outside the chain of high quality articles, the first to do the enemy.

, the soft release effect is the best, you are the best packing release of ID. For example: the personal data > upload picture perfect

if you don’t know how to analysis the characteristics of people can use the love Shanghai index tools on the analysis of industry groups, Shanghai dragon who can also go to the forum, some know, Q & A, QQ group to understand, according to the comprehensive information, the characteristics of this group will be more and more clear in your mind. In short, your soft wenyiding point, stimulating to read. But also with your own website as an example to analyze problems, and promote the users access to your web site and analysis.

, I believe everyone is familiar with, just turn some of Shanghai dragon or webmaster forum, have soft disaster caused by flooding water. Look at the title of some posts is also good, you get to know is reading fried old content several times, but has been irrelevant answer all sorts of strange pseudo original text done. Obviously, this article does not bring any benefits to the website, will be cast aside, not really attract visitors. How can we send high quality soft and to achieve the best effect? Here, Shanghai dragon Jones to share some experience.

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