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9 Sep 2017 admin

a friend asked Xiao Han "enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to build the chain" in the past few days, this problem may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers now asked more, the construction of the chain is a very important part of our work in the Shanghai dragon, but we see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng friends have been complaining the chain is not good, especially the enterprise website, resources are very few. I have always stressed that the correlation of the chain and a wide range of important, so it is difficult to do, so here I will make a summary of their experience, to be a reference.

? Correlation is the site outside the chain of the source of your page to your web site related theme, the best is the same industry. Including your theme and content related to this page.

What is the relationship between

first step we will first list you already know the construction of the chain, all the means listed, we can according to the specific circumstances of the enterprise website to choose which of several. Here are several: the industry Web site, industry forums, blogs, Links linkbait, etc..

two, looking for the chain resources

A list of the

first, the chain should follow two principles: relevance and popularity.

three, the implementation plan of the

what is the breadth? Wide degree is the chain rich source, which also includes two points: the chain total domain name and type of diversification.


, the construction of the chain method

then began the implementation process of the construction of the chain of the entire us. This process is hard and boring, but it must be the (possibly Shanghai dragon classmates said Shanghai dragon so tired, always want to send the chain so troublesome, it is hard work, tomorrow I’ll discuss it with you. ). Firstly, to analyze and evaluate the words, draws the competition degree of the website, and then according to the competitive strength of the chain development plan, if the competition is very strong, may require a more comprehensive long-term plan, such as the implementation of the sprocket strategy, Pyramid.

so, according to these two points, the chain construction plan to develop the enterprise website we. The following four steps:

second step method according to the chain we choose to look for the chain resources, related to the principle of all the industry B2B platform, information platform and related industry forum and blog platform with EXCEL table records, recorded at the same time we can change the current hand to Links website or other websites have their own hands the.


link list, we choose, according to the principle of extensive degree of diversification, we should comprehensive use, such as we chose to use to the chain construction of our enterprise website industry B2B platform, information platform, forum, blog and Links these. (linkbait choose according to the actual situation, leaving aside here, then I back an article in detail about.

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