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9 Sep 2017 admin

Effect of

factor is ignored by most people. Remember when I found this factor, or Google to an email to remind me that I found out, I was the lottery software website content is updated daily, but Google search to my site information, are not included in my article. In the Internet search a lot of information, analysis of the results of some data obtained is website domain name server problems, suggest to add a domain name server, a server to see the situation.

has been ignored is normal, I paid little attention to the host when I do the lottery software website optimization, website of a period of time before my ranking dropped sharply, in the analysis of many reasons can not result in a forum to see that the host has time will affect the ranking and I started to analyze the virtual host website.

many people may have doubts, the optimization of website hosting can affect how much, say sometimes virtual host for the search engines will be a fatal blow. After the analysis of the lottery software website, I found my virtual host is down, the problem of slow response time, so the spider crawling my site in, no response or response is too slow, it will find the website move, try back two or three months or so, after the spider will not come crawling. The result is the site was named.

website optimization ranking problem, let everybody worry white head, the hair of the chain is made, the do content also do, but the ranking is stagnant. In the search engines, you do not move, they move, then you are back. In the optimization of the lottery website, I want to do is the brains in the rankings.

affect the ranking of a website very many factors, generally when I won the lottery website ranking problems, I mainly from the website program, outside the chain, Links, website content etc. to find problems, most of the owners in the analysis of the reasons for decline in ranking, are analyzed from these aspects. Such as lottery software this keyword ranking dropped, I generally analysis is the change from the market outside, love Shanghai algorithm and internal factors to analysis. These common factors I am not here on the analysis of the main factors, are those that are ignored.

1, main factorsThis

, the 2 factors of domain name serverThe effect of

analysis of the two factors affecting the website ranking just to remind you, when ranking analysis of factors to consider, from multiple angles, optimization of this helps us website. Now our website search engine configuration requirements more and more high, the level of hardware configuration factors sometimes become the quality of search engine evaluation site. So when I buy lottery website domain name registration, virtual host, will pay more attention to some.

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