Love Shanghai 6 28 after the event of self reflection

9 Sep 2017 admin

believe that many webmaster escape love Shanghai 6.28 event, I also love Shanghai in the storm were defeated, and defeated, the author is most incisive almost all sites have fallen, whether it is formal, or edge, have no way to escape the catastrophe, the most sad is afterwards in any case to analyze the reasons and have no way to know exactly which site factors will lead to large-scale K love Shanghai station, until the last love Shanghai official release event declaration was a little aware of the problem.

Shanghai official statement through love obtains, all site content is through the pseudo original sorted out, belong to the kind of content of the low quality of love Shanghai refers to the site, after all, a person to take care of dozens of sites is a difficult thing, so both in terms of content, in the chain, no the best way to do so, the author through the event of self reflection, try to reduce the number of sites at the same time, control the content and quality of the chain, to improve the user value and help content, to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

two: love Shanghai 6.28 event self reflection

(2) on the chain: before a lot of Shanghai dragon to ER about BBS signature chain, the author believed that, before the forum signature can effectively and quickly. "



(1): about the content in the content, try not to use false original tools, rather than spent some time every day to write one or two articles of original content, the original content is not entirely to his mind just woven out of content, but improve their reading, improve their knowledge of the industry level, and analyzed and summarized, and then through the essence of many articles in woven together in the weaving process, it is not copied, but written by their own language, the content must have is valuable and helpful for users to edit in time of writing in my mind, this was the original quality content.

solutions love Shanghai 6.28 event

: a specific reason for love Shanghai 6.28 events

mentioned in the love of Shanghai official statement, the ultimate reason of this is because of the storm K station website content quality caused by low, and most of the site contains a large number of pseudo original and collected articles are subject to different degrees of punishment, but also love Shanghai upgrade to anti cheat system, while the upgrade is to improve the user experience so, sort search results appear to help users, rather than the acquisition, people can not understand, pseudo original content, but also love Shanghai also encouraged to publish original quality content, it will get more return flow.



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