Shanghai dragon master is forced out of the RMB drops

8 Sep 2017 admin

new orders do not convince customers what the case, so the general customer is not looking for you to do. We have only a little list, although this list is not make much money. But the most important to accumulate some experience and cases, this step. When you take the shot after the case can take some older list slightly, however, the need for a period of time, not too radical.


Hello, I am a rock. Online to see so much how to become Shanghai dragon master like the article, perhaps you will see more and more confused, what should I do to improve themselves faster. Have some experience in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are faced with a problem: how to improve yourself? Just learn to work in that point is not enough, but in the face of many realistic questions, let you be at a loss what to do. In fact, Shanghai dragon master are being forced out of the yuan, stone do now is the chain robot. What is the chain robot is outside the chain?. Have a good title: the chain Commissioner, sometimes think that income can really cut off all. To find a girlfriend, marriage is nonsense. You blame me too realistic. Since the stones are complacent, can be said to fall. The work is not busy not tired, and many 80, 90 as the "moonlight clan", but the time is getting. The majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are 80, 90. Good nonsense not pulled into the point.

second: not all the money

Shanghai dragon master is feeding out of combat. Your customers do not understand 404 pages, 301 redirect customer trust only case. In the face of what no case of Shanghai dragon worker, what we need most is the case. Let your client or the interviewer that case, the only way to obtain the case: orders. Just to see a friend to write an article about the Shanghai dragon orders experience articles, I feel very good. For those of us not what the case of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, maybe you and stone. Will send the chain, will be false original article, the Shanghai dragon skill is very simple. But you can also received a list, but are a list of Chinese cabbage. Here to recommend a good place for Shanghai dragon orders: A5 forum, Shanghai dragon why also can pick one. The following share point novice orders experience:

said this sentence, maybe there are a lot of people want to take the brick shoot me. The single is not for the sake of RMB? Think stone is more valuable resources and experience. These things that cannot be bought with money, do the optimization, you need to look for the chain resources. You need to change the Links, you need to talk about the price and the customer. These are a lot of skills, but also have human resources. I think a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners want to start, want to have one of their own optimization company. The optimization of company operating the most important thing is not it? How to offer? How to explain why the ranking and customer service problems and so on will fall?.

Do not be too ambitious: first

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