The bitter experience with caution so webmaster about keyword planning

8 Sep 2017 admin

therefore, I with a painful experience to tell you, the choice of keywords should pay attention to home, is a long-term development, and competition according to the degree of warm, and for some long tail words, you can use the inside pages to do when the overall ranking, the weight of the website, page ranking is also very good do.

website keywords choice to focus on long-term, and this is actually a bit repetitive, but in fact I feel to say is not clear, in my own website as an example, the site did not pay attention to long-term development, but wasted a better display in the first page keywords opportunity and now I love the word home Shanghai index is very low, the competition degree is very low, not only a waste of our customers, and subsequent optimization is also very good, because everyone knows the weight of the home page is the best, and the inside pages of relatively low weight optimization is difficult. But if you want to optimize good words on the home page, have to face to the title, description, but we all know now it will cause a big shock, is really a dilemma.

A keyword such as >

at first I took over the site, title, keywords and description of the settings have been done, under a question, just know that is the optimization of the company to set, why setting, it is because the company made 10 words to optimize the company, but the love of Shanghai index words are not high. The love of our website Shanghai index of high word but not in the above, it makes subsequent optimization more difficult we.

site selection must pay attention to the main direction of the website, the website is mainly to do what, your profit is what product, because I was doing business station, and is to make the product, so relatively speaking, we must pay attention to this point in the keyword layout, which product is the most profitable, which the most popular products, to select keywords according to the product focus, and at this time, more attention should be paid to the point that a word competition how the degree of difficulty, for example, that you may not be the product of word search, but its nickname does search hot door. Like our products: the word line detector is not very popular, underground pipeline detector is very popular. My website to Guan Xianyi ranked the first, and the underground pipeline detector has disappeared. Have to say this is a kind of strategic mistakes, because I may not easily to change our title now, because it causes big shock may make a lot of words are out of my site. This is the purpose of my paper today, must consider the long-term development of the choice of keywords.


is not in the webmaster nets and meet you half a month, because I dream of flying site recently had some problems, have been desperately trying to correct these problems, so not to share with you some do stand experience, today is to share with you about how to choose the key word is the site is good, is conducive to long-term development, do not covet interests, so as to give up long-term development opportunities.

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