The analysis of bidding target landing page in white visitor promotion

8 Sep 2017 admin

The problem of the function of

it can be said that from the search engine to target the consumer online shopping is not strong, the majority belong to the "white users". Bid for promotion, the visitor’s direct investment rate of return is very low. But for the purchase demand, but the lack of desire to buy users, we still can not give up, after all, the first actual consumption of this kind of keyword bid is very low, then white users if done properly, it is easy to become the site of loyal consumer groups. Independent sites relative to Taobao this kind of cosmetics, the following characteristics are common for white users:

3. of new customers, have more desire to understand the price of services, processes, methods of payment.

such as strengthening the "West Rouge shop" brand awareness. Although this goal for visitors to buy is not strong, but at least can strengthen the website brand impression. In the page design such as "WeChat public number, collection, timing and promotional information, is able to create better opportunities to increase the return rate of visitors, ultimately achieve our marketing transformation. The need to design with good.

2. on the commodity and usage of knowledge do not know, need to popularize knowledge.

needs to buy 4. of the visitors were relatively easy, promotional activities to attract, because this website promotion and visit again;

is the first brand marketing focus: packaging

through the company’s website "BB cream " related long tail keywords analysis in the bidding data that enter through the search engine users, many visitors are not to directly buy BB cream, search rankings are generally wide word, or a word of doubt, on the ranking of key words in the show, specific to the brand a few key words.

in order to eliminate the visitor to the site do not trust, do not understand. For the landing page in addition to the necessary products, should focus on the website of the brand packaging. For example, users to search the "BB cream" page, in addition to put products, can undertake to the website brand to strengthen propaganda.

according to this phenomenon, we design the landing page, you should consider the needs of. The letter and consider landing page design focus on two points: one is the website of brand packaging, two is the knowledge of content marketing.

for content marketing, mainly for the super white, a search for "how to use" BB BB cream "cream what effect" and other users. For these users search, we can auction page landing knowledge topic page, or a single page content. The focus here is to do marketing keywords. What to give you what page proposal must have online consultation window etc.. The content of knowledge on the page to do commercial embedded marketing. < >


1. on the site and the enterprise brand does not understand, no trust.

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