Reduce the bounce rate rise a new level of website website

8 Sep 2017 admin

through the above analysis, webmaster friends will understand the importance of website bounce rate for users and search engines, then what should we do, in the end.

bounce rate affect the ranking of

search engine will put website jump out rate as one of the website of quality standard, so the bounce rate will affect the ranking. But not all sites have installed statistical tools of search engine, so many search engines can not get the exact data, and not directly with the formula to calculate the weight. However, the search engine will be judged according to the two search. So what is the two search? For example, if a user searches for a keyword and open a website in return, but did not find the results you want to "shut down, and then continue to click on another site, if the user clicks in the second stations want to find search results. So for the first website, is equivalent to a two search. In this process, the search engine can be calculated by "two search", this process is similar to the bounce rate of statistical tools, imagine a web page have a good ranking, but "two search" high frequency "is that the user does not love or not of high quality and it cannot meet the needs of users. Then the search engine will in the re adjustment of the web page ranking network go down.

bounce rate is what? Even the Shanghai dragon personnel often ignore this problem. Bounce rate refers to the website browsing a web page will leave the number and the ratio of the total number of visitors to your website. The use of noble baby webmaster tools can be measured "bounce rate". If a web site out of floating rate at 55%, that nearly half of the people in each of 1000 visitors did not click any of the links closed ", which is already quite good, website bounce rate and no specific value, but the bounce rate obviously lower that the site is very good, the user stickiness, website has certain value, it can effectively reflect the user acceptance of the site. If the bounce rate is too high, indicating the site content richness is not enough. So, the site will be search engine bounce rate factors as one of the weight calculation.

How to reduce the rate of jump out

what is the website jump out rate

website optimization belongs to a is not a simple project, it is because the search engine optimization project involves certain techniques and strategies and patience, often requires a lot of factors a website to rank well, as far as I know, love Shanghai and Google to judge a good website to consider index number 200, so usually used in the optimization process of basic skills are included to the search engine. For many in the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, website optimization, it is necessary to good to treat, not with the search engine shuaxinyan, because the search engine is like a mirror, you seriously, it seriously. The Shanghai dragon is a lot of people ignore the website bounce rate problem.

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