Several ways to improve the website search engine ranking

8 Sep 2017 admin

2 integration.

once you select the right keywords to your site, you should now have these keywords to your site integration, look at the search engine place very special attention.

Select the appropriate The

A. has nothing to do with the site keywords, keyword stuffing, it is unfriendly to search engines.

choose your keywords:


In order to improve the Keywords

many people now use various techniques to improve search engine rankings. This is because more than 80% of the people want to know what to go to the search engine, in order to get what they want. Therefore, a good search engine rankings for your network marketing business success is very important. Here are some tips and techniques, but also rely on your efforts to improve your site’s search engine ranking.

C. near you at the top of the page in the page content placed keywords >

is the first and most important first step is to choose the right keywords you want to rank. You have to focus on this problem, because all your efforts will solve this problem as the center. Although your home is important to take steps and target the same different keywords for different pages of the web site. This is because the search engine, the most relevant web pages, and each is not a web query.

this is a fact as everyone knows, web content or text is the most important search engine. Therefore, to improve the page ranking, you should focus all your attention, to ensure that the said in your content, targeted keyword. Unless these words appear in the text, you get a good ranking opportunity.

B. please send your keyword close to each other. This helps the search engine.

keyword of your choice should be specific. Because in the fierce competition, the popular keyword has been occupied by some large sites, it is best to choose two or three word phrase, the specific description of the contents of your site.

page title:

page ranking page title is another important place to integrate your keywords. This is due to give a display on your site search engine useful information. Although all the same title page most websites use, it is better to integrate its specific keywords with different title, reflects the specific content of the page.

target keywords:

1 focus on key words.

is a popular keyword optimize your website and a high page rank is not enough. You should correct the keyword optimization, is the most relevant to your site, otherwise your efforts will be in vain.

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