After the jump SOSO ask is still worthy of our investment

7 Sep 2017 admin


From here you can see that


I have a long time not to do SOSO ask, these are done at the end of 2011, today will give the site into the IP flow. Personally feel that these data are illustrative, rather than those of Shanghai dragon jump theory does not transfer the weight to give up SOSO.

, SOSO ask the link on the jump is indeed a transformation, the news is already in the A5 have been issued after the. I want to ask if the chain SOSO has no effect, not there will be so many people to do their SOSO quiz, here the author made some personal SOSO quiz, until now still attracted to the site background data for everyone to see the screenshots of IP:

A5 is the webmaster to share the experience of learning. Each author in the share of their combat experience, without practice, only by learning theory to guide the reader to Shanghai dragon. More importantly, in the not too clear, don’t say to others is wrong, because it is easy to mislead the reader. I think in Shanghai Longfeng should seek common ground, and common progress. The article by 贵族宝贝zmdshop贵族宝贝/ a huge number of Luffa water website original, the author QQ:1051118541, hope webmaster friends can learn from each other.

looked at the "specific operation" SOSO ask the construction of the chain, I think the good, at least we can according to the operation of such a step is applied to the construction of the chain yourself. But today there is a "SOSO ask the chain construction is also critical to misunderstanding" on an article, why is SOSO ask the link is to jump type links, do not transfer the weight. Have to say, the authors consider only the search engine, and our Shanghai dragon is not only for the search engine, more for the user.

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