Analysis of 360 and love Shanghai war free certification official website

7 Sep 2017 admin

you can say about Shanghai’s actions is not kind, but it brings great benefits is that you can not ignore, it will become an important way to make money to love Shanghai. At present, there are three ways to search in the search engine, it is to ask questions search, product search and navigation search. You could not imagine, the maximum amount of retrieval is actually search navigation. Remember some time ago love Shanghai launched a new station link function, but not long before announced the cancellation, because of this and his brand promotion in conflict. You know, the mainstream search engines now support the station link function, for example, Google and Sogou 360. Because Shanghai does not support the love we will as can be imagined.

love Shanghai brand promotion has been a lot of controversy. It is said that in order to obtain greater benefits, with the real user experience regardless of the sea, but those who bought the brand promotion promotion of enterprise. Have seen very funny reports on the Internet, is said to search for McDonald’s, KFC is indeed out of the input; Dangdang, jump out of the page to appear is amazon. It has also been reported that the Jingdong for their own brand, "sponsored" love Shanghai ten million, so that when users search for the Jingdong will not be some not well-known small brands to drown. That is to say, the Jingdong on the home page, not by virtue of strength, can only rely on the brand promotion of Shanghai buy love. Innumerable examples of this, I will not list them. Examples are different, but the description of a problem, that is love Shanghai brand promotion really love Shanghai brought huge benefits.

At the beginning of the new year

from another point of view, 360 free website authentication is a direct attack to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to blow. In accordance with the present situation analysis, 360 quite has the market. The 360 is the first record of certification (although then Sogou also followed the follow-up), for example, firmly do medical advertising and some sensitive words for keywords or prompts and so on, has a strong effect on the market China. At the same time, I believe that the free official certification of a launch, some other search engines will follow. Because of this love and some business in Shanghai want to conflict, I estimate that love Shanghai will not follow up, more important is the love of Shanghai as a Chinese search engine in bulk, leaders can not imitate the followers of the mind, is determined not to do this he fell off the face of the things that ID >

, the 360 began to frequently attack action. The year 3721 shame Zhou Hongyi didn’t forget, keep in mind that counter. Just love news Shanghai will stake in Jinshan, and 360 for market share. At this time the 360 have not sat, the first is the use of open platform in the vertical platform, then launched 360 Wikipedia, recently launched a free website authentication service. Of course, these 360 do, regardless of the user or search engine itself, is a win-win thing. For this, Shanghai should love is very clear. Of course, most of the owners in the webmaster group believe that only love Shanghai and 360 of the competition, will encourage them to supervise each other, beneficial to stationmaster.

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