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7 Sep 2017 admin


we can see that these 4 factors in correlation and creative writing level is directly on creativity, correlation and creative writing level will directly affect the click rate, and the account history performance is by the click rate, correlation, creative writing level 3 factors common decision, that is to say we want to get good the quality must be written, creative, referred to as the quality can be seen as the 4 factors, the pursuit of quality often let us write wrong, creativity is fundamental.

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, only the title contains keywords, the search engine is likely to be.

1. hits 2. correlation of 3. creative writing level 4. account history

good ideas can attract more users to click on search advertising, so as to improve the hit rate and for our enterprises to bring more potential customers, more importantly good ideas can get a lower price and better keyword ranking (Creative affect quality), on the contrary, if your creative writing is very bad, without considering any matching, correlation and key words, even if you offer several times higher than peers, is not necessarily a good ranking.

determines which part of the crowd for showing our advertising, creative and determines the potential customers to see what is the content of the advertisement at the same time, the quality of the idea will indirectly affect the keywords ranking. It can be said in the promotion of the status of creative bidding after the keyword, but many do for enterprise or layman tend to ignore the importance of ideas, they think everything bid most probably it did not actually happen, so spawned keywords price adjustment tool, which is one reason why many companies bidding promotion costs too high.

if you are born dragon school in Shanghai, then the creative writing will be relatively simple, why? Because in Shanghai Longfeng, we know how to describe the title, description, keywords to the search engine is friendly, it is the most basic things, and for the account inside the creative, and actually in Shanghai Dragon the title and description of writing methods are basically the same, but the promotion of creative bidding a wildcard keywords using wildcards with user search terms and different matching keywords, and rosy, attract user click. So what are the creative writing skills?

creative writing is very important, many ideas, for the account of the problem can be smoothly done or easily solved. Keywords and price is not all for promotion, creativity is also very important to do a good job for promotion, save the cost, improve the conversion rate, you must write creative, so how to write high-quality ideas? We have today, how to write creative.

1. title contains 2-3 keywords, and use the wildcard

many companies to pursue quality but ignore the importance of ideas, how to optimize the Longjie Wu before writing this article referred to the quality of quality is decided by 4 factors,

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