Grilled a steak that may be causing the site to drop right wonderful people

7 Sep 2017 admin

Shanghai Longfeng personnel responsible for what? This is generally not conclusive, the specific functions of different Shanghai Longfeng personnel will be not the same.

(1) is the first, Shanghai dragon director, Shanghai dragon Engineer role. This role is responsible for coordinating the work of the general population, and the Shanghai dragon program editing, website structure etc.. It can be said that the website drop right, bear the brunt of the responsibility is this kind of person. Whether the chain, or by editing, technical and other reasons, if the site is down right, then prove that this kind of people suspected of dereliction of duty.


once, a lot of people think that the site is right down Shanghai Longfeng staff. Also, Shanghai Longfeng personnel should solve things, believe that there are still a lot of people also think so.

is how to do this kind of people caused by the lower right: 1. or 2. switch; or urge the Shanghai dragon heads for daily monitoring, recording, and for violations of the right to modify the items falling over, to restore love Shanghai Webmaster Tools feedback waiting for weight… It…, conscientious; do a good job in full 3. Shanghai dragon concept and awareness training, let other people also have

(3) editor. I believe that many people love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm have the impression. A collection of content, content, content, random insertion useless keywords accumulation, but the quality of the content… These are… That may occur in the content.

(2) chain. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is still visible before the eyes outside the chain of purchase, and the low quality of the chain, malicious link exchange, the search engine is…… banned, but also focus on the object, once the garbage chain is very rampant, therefore cause the site to drop right when the proportion of the first row.

If the

1. is certainly bear the brunt of the Shanghai dragon staff.

is how to do this kind of people caused by the lower right: 1. to stop the release of the chain of garbage; 2. foreign staff to develop the chain chain release right release requirements; 3. to love Shanghai webmaster tools use a tool chain to refuse to waste the chain; 4. feedback, waiting for weight recovery.

yes, the site right down, Shanghai Longfeng staff is responsible for recovery of weight, this is the Shanghai dragon, but to restore the site weight, we must understand why the site right down, because what kind of operation that led to the right down, it is useful to modify the website, to search engine in order to restore the site requirements, the purpose of weight.

site is down right, almost every webmaster for having heard it many times words, a thing of fear is every webmaster, every staff of Shanghai dragon.

actually, right down the website is not necessarily caused by the Shanghai Phoenix staff, but is very probably not caused by the staff of Shanghai dragon, with Peng Jinjie may lead to the breakdown of those website down right wonderful people, wonderful things.

If the

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