Four points to help you get rid of the turtle notoriety

7 Sep 2017 admin

, three.

if it directly affects the speed of the site factors, the greatest impact is the site server hardware configuration, the quality of course also includes a host of bandwidth and line. In addition to the server hardware configuration, we also consider the actual situation of our target visitors to challenge, for example, for example, the goal of our web site visitors mostly from the south, and the use of China Telecom in the South and is the most, I will choose the server when you can choose a good telecommunications server line. Of course there are a double server, but the price is a little expensive, if sufficient funds on hand then you can choose the double line server.

, a server is stable and efficient with high speed

What is the first impression of the

believes that many webmaster will find when we view the site of the overall framework, some pages have been displayed in the browser, but is always on the image loading, even in the last picture may not show, this problem greatly affect the user friendly experience and site optimization. The bandwidth is low, and a picture of a small general dozens of KB, likely at MB, assuming that our user bandwidth is 2MB (the average bandwidth), our site in such a low bandwidth after loading the required time as can be imagined. Then we need to upload pictures when the picture >


visitors to our website? Is actually not our website design, but the speed of our website. If a visitor will take a long time to open your site, then your website will inevitably have to put on the site of the notorious turtle speed. The speed of the site is our website Mingmen, its impact not only our optimization, but also affect the friendly user experience. We must pay attention to the speed of the site more. So what can affect the speed of our website? The author thinks that the elements influence the website access speed a lot, but the space is not stable, the code page settings, the use of the plugin has a direct impact on the speed of the site. These are some of the details, if not a good attention can make your site into turtle speed website. So specifically what aspects of the details? I will do a simple second speed below.

two, the code simple and efficient

is currently the mainstream website development language is ASP and PHP, at the same time with access and MySQL database. But some programmers may not familiar with the code, tend to produce many non-standard lead site code becomes cumbersome. Cause the database data read speed is too slow, affect the whole site. For this problem we can streamline the code, the code execution efficiency is more high. At the same time, the use of Standard Specification for site code, improving the operation efficiency. In order to improve the site loading speed.

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