The Shanghai dragon is not good situation

6 Sep 2017 admin

is currently Shanghai Longfeng bad situation. Today Hefei Shanghai dragon and discuss with you the current status of Shanghai dragon which is not good. The Shanghai dragon can be said to be popular, such as those of the site will be more or less things to understand the site optimization. The editors and the chain most have in contact Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Shanghai dragon Er are crazy "execution", random optimization in Shanghai Longfeng just the popularity began to appear chaos. Each local station is the so-called "emerge in an endless stream, Shanghai dragon expert". Shanghai Longfeng morbid is becoming increasingly serious, bad situation has begun to spread.

four, Shanghai dragon case. The so-called Shanghai Longfeng experts constantly for example, exaggerating the case data, it is misleading. A lot of data are false, are for the immediate interests to kill those ignorant lovers. At the same time also ruined the reputation of Shanghai dragon.

Of course

love promotion on the current Shanghai Longfeng bad situation to do some personal opinions and summed up. I’m with you bet, and will this article have a situation. Complete copy, without links to their link up. Go to A5, Shanghai dragon why and other webmaster forum inside. Please add the trouble link address, thank you very much, I have to write a waste of time in the morning, please respect the fruits of labor, thank you. Http:>

resemble those of a very powerful blog is still very powerful, never wavered. Local Shanghai Longfeng flood, a local search volume of Shanghai dragon itself is not a lot. We are doing, in fact, carefully observe a look. All individual owners in the search, there is no value of things. The popularity of Shanghai dragon brought a lot of Shanghai Longfeng bad aspects. Hefei website promotion summed up several points:

, a pseudo original flood. A large number of others reproduced the original article, and then modify their own, completely have no their own ideas and content. Too much of the same content to love Shanghai who is unable to distinguish the original content. There are more shameful behavior. Direct copying of the original article, then removed the link to change their own links. I have experienced many such situations. But through the love of Shanghai can put them out. There are actually known to do that, Shanghai has a visible flood dragon how bad.

two, Shanghai dragon service personnel flooding. Shanghai Longfeng service personnel more and more, many words have been very difficult to optimize. Keywords optimization also led to difficult. A large number of so-called "Shanghai dragon experts" will greatly small website to undertake the project of saturated.

three, Shanghai Longfeng flood optimization. Straight to see a lot of enterprise website promotion website. That is really called flood. An article full of articles is the anchor text and keywords. Not in accordance with the rules. This is also one of the reasons leading to false punishment later baidu.

Flood The above is the Hefei Shanghai

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